About Audioo:

1.  How do you pronounce Audioo?
Aww-Dee-You (it's a pun on "Yahoo" and "Audio")

2.  What's your mission?
To create the largest, publicly searchable database of the human voice, ever.  We're starting with voicemail sharing; however, our ultimate aim is to amass as many transcribed human voice recordings as possible.  The Audioo database can be searched by keyword and area code, or browsed by specific categories including Sexy, Funny, Crunk, Work, Legal, and more. Audioo can be used to discover trending topics in your neighborhood or simply to find out "what people are really talking about".    


3.  So what's in it for me?  Why should I upload to Audioo?
Curious about what other folks are talking about?  Audioo is the place for you.  With Audioo you can search, browse, and listen in on other people's voicemails.  You can find out what the world is really talking about in near real time.  


Ever received a voice mail that you felt the world should hear?  Perhaps something you wanted to memorialize like a psycho ex-girlfriend from college or a the sound of your grand children singing happy birthday to you?  With Audioo, your voicemails have an outlet.  Upload to our archive and the community will listen in, vote, comment, and share. Your voicemails will forever be celebrated on Audioo. 


Whether your're an exhibitionist or voyeur, Audioo is the place for you!


4.  Why do you exist?  What problem do you solve?
The idea of charting the world - of recording - has only extended to the visual sense so far.  Our aim is to become the epicenter of voice-centric media and the largest searchable archive of the human voice, ever.  Viral in nature, our service offers users a platform to publicly share, edit, archive and store voice mails from services including Google Voice.