Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1.  How do I submit my voicemails to Audioo?
For starters, there are 6 ways to submit voicemails to the site:

1.  Install the Firefox Add-on for Google Voice.  Once installed, simply visit  your Google Voice Account, find a voicemail you'd like to share, and click the Upload button.


2.  Call 1-405-4-AUDIOO (405-428-3466) and leave a ridiculous message.  It will be recorded, transcribed, and posted to Audioo under an Anonymous user account. 


3.  Forward voicemails directly from your handset (typically Option 6 from your voicemail menu).  For carrier specific forwarding instructions, please click here.  


4.  Upload .mp3, .wav, and other recorded voice mail files directly to Audioo.  Direct uploaders receive free transcriptions (provided by PhoneTag.)


5.  Email with .mp3, .wav, and other recorded voicemail audio files.  They will be posted to Audioo under your Audioo account.  Email uploaders receive free transcriptions (provided by PhoneTag.)

6.  Record from your computer's microphone directly to your Audioo account.  Simply place your phone on speaker and play into your mic or use an audio out cable.  Recorded submissions receive free transcriptions (provided by PhoneTag.)

Kindly visit the Submit page for additional details on submitting your voicemails.
2.  Is my phone number displayed when I upload to the site?
NO - we will never display your phone number, don't worry.  We only display the area code of the caller that left you the voicemail, and not the full number of you or the actual caller.  If the caller's area code is blocked, restricted, or unknown, we display "(NOYB)" which stands for "None Of Your Business".


3.  If someone leaves their phone number in the body of a voicemail, won't others be able to easily find it?  

NO - For all voicemails uploaded to Audioo, our system will automatically replace any phone number left by a caller within a voicemail transcription with "a bunch of X's".  For example, "Sorry I missed you, please ring me back on (212) 555-1234" will appear as "Sorry I missed you, please ring me back on (XXX) XXX-XXXX".  Please note that the phone number will still play audibly for any user that streams the message on Audioo.  i.e. Our system presently does NOT bleep out the number, it simply replaces all phone numbers within transcriptions with X's. 


4.  What do OMG!, WTF?, and NOYB mean?
Oh My God!, What The F@ck?, and None Of Your Business.  


5.  What are "Holla Backs"?
Holla Backs are Audioo user comments.  


6.  Can I remove an embarrassing or incriminating voicemail?
If you posted the voicemail, you can inactivate and / or delete it any time from the organize section of your "MyShiz" menu.  If someone else posted a voicemail that you would like removed from the site, then please contact us with your takedown request.  Please be sure to include a link to the voicemail(s) that you would like removed.  

7.  I don't have a Google Voice account, can you get me one?
YES - simply contact us and we'll do our best to get you an invite to the Google Voice private beta.  We've got a few hookups.  

8.  I prefer Chrome over FireFox.  Why don't you have a Chrome extension?


Unfortunately, Google Chrome does not allow its extensions to have what is called "file access".  This basically means that an Audioo Chrome extension cannot be built at this time because it would not be able to access the actual Google Voice .mp3 voicemails and submit them to the site in the same manner that the FireFox Add-on we've developed allows.  We hear that in Q3 2010 Google Chrome may allow "file access" for extensions.  Once they do, we'll be all over it and release a Chrome extension asap.  There is, however, an easy work around for Chrome uses which is to simply select the "email" option that you see in your Google Voice account and email your submissions to  Go ahead, give it a try!