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This is from an old cassette tape I got back in the 80's. Apparently it is some guys pranking the hell out of an old guy named Benny at Allied Motors somewhere in Tennessee. If anybody knows the story let me know. I have about 45 minutes of these calls I'm thinking of putting on a CD. This came out about the same time as the "Leroy Mercer" oil filter/tire & rim/Thom McAnn shoes tape done by the late John Bean (not the imposters who later did "Roy D. Mercer".
Hey there, when you borrow something from somebody, their property, you gotta return it in the same fucking condition, that you took it in. So I don't know if you're having a laugh, or you just don't remember. Or, you're a very sick individual, but you're gonna have to come by sometime today, and clean the puke up outta my car. I think a full fucking detail is in order. OK? And by the way, I think its time for you to return my CDs too, before you fuckin' throw up on them.
Tommy…where the hell'd you go last night bro? Bily won ten thousand dollars in black jack and bought us all lapdances. You gotta be smarter than that next time and stick with the boys!
We're going to go through. What I want to go echoes all it. It's or watch, but it that pitch and or what you're doing well. We were there. No Carlo just tells the cruiser. Hey, My has you aspects. Hey, yes.
Hello Dad, its Ray, so he was just born, 7 pounds 2 ounces. And uh, surprise, we're naming him after you! His names James Oshea. Love you, I'm gonna call you back, mother and baby are doing well, call you back soon but I love you… Liamm James Oshea. Love you, bye bye!
Hey, date. Hey, hey. Pete, give me a favor, Nick. Hello, move my car for me man HI I left the keys in your coffee table walked home last night. Just to miss all to move the car bro. I think it's dead. Like on monday and wednesday. Three, sleeping, whatever. So, I. I think today is monday please move for Bro, was no a cat path, alright, it's, Pete. It's a great coup love. With. The license plate is missing it in the front. I hope you can drive a stick. If not gig reference to it. Thanks. Bye move my car bro peace. Later.
Hey honey just wanted to call you to let you know you looked real sexy today when I left for work, sleeping there with the dogs…anyway, I love you, I'll talk to ya, just, be thinkin about ya all day.
Hey bud, I just found your dog Rocky, he's filthy, and it just took me five minutes of cleaning off his tag to even figure out your phone number, since you didn't leave an address… I don't know where to drop him. So, he's gonna be at my house chillin' out eatin' a steak. Because he's got such a shitty owner, until you stop by to pick him up. 273 Emerald.
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