So in some garbage can huh? So thats what you think I think of ya. Hmm, alright, well I'm still tryin' — just got done with practice. I'll try the other phone. You probably caller ID I think, but, if you can make it, it'd be great. Alright, later.
Jenn, its not a setup. Just got done with practice. Um, got meetings here, and, I dont know for about, a couple more hours. I'm going back to the hotel and just chill. Send me a text, cause I'll be in the building for a couple more hours. Love to, have you come over tonight. But uh, I know uh, I think Aaron came up and asked ya, if you uh, would give him, your number, or he was gonna give you my number. I understand. Send me a text, love to see you tonight. Alright, talk to ya later, bye.
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Alec Baldwin Voicemail.13.mp3
Holden Kushner: Clinton finally, have you seen any of the story out in New York where the uh, where the the Latin broadcaster Ines Sainz came out and I guess the Jets were sayin’ some things to her and she decided to go out and say she wasn’t very happy with the locker room etiquette…did you hear about this? Clinton: No, what happened? Holden Kushner: Well, this girl Ines Sainz, she’s a, she’s a uh, Latin Broadcaster she came in I guess a couple of the New York Jets had called her Senorita Bonita… about that…and I just wonder if… B Mitch: That means Beautiful Lady! [Steve: Beautiful lady!]Nothing wrong with calling a woman a beautiful lady I don’t think right? Holden Kushner: Have you ever encountered a woman who just dressed completely inappropriately and just shouldn’t a-been in the locker room? Or even on the field covering you guys? Clinton: You know man I think, I think ummm, you put you put women reporters in the locker room in position uh to [click to continue...]
Rudolph 'Rudi' Garmisch: Yah, Chinese Downhill! It is ze only vayyyyy. Kendo Yamamoto: What eh ze fuck is a Chinese a downhill?
Yes, hello I was calling in regard to an entry form that you filled out with us at a Chicago Cubs game that you attended May 16th uh, when they were playing the pirates. I have really good news for you regarding your entry blank call me back today at 1(XXX) XXX-XXXX and my name is Debbie ask for Debbie at extension (XXX), and I'll tell you all about this when you call today. I am in the office and it is really good news. Ask for Deb.
Hey. It's Alex give me a call when you get a chance wondering if you can come by this evening so that we can get this so Brooks written and recorded, so that I can drop them the so give me a call me bye.
No it's Dad … XXX saturday returning your … call I did in your in your give me a call when you get a chance … what's up and I hope things are going well hey john.
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