(212): Guy gets Fired, Freaks Out, Storms out of HR me...
Hello Gerald, this is rod leasing player calling from human resources department. I would like to just, just. Bella, any confusion. I do feel sorry that you felt the need to storm out of the meeting that we had today, but the dispel any confusion whatsoever. You are definitely terminated at this company. You can pick up your belongings at the security desk on the first floor. Do not by any means. Proceed to the 3rd floor to your office, you will be forcibly removed. Again, I'm sorry for this call and I'm sorry that you felt the need to walk out of our meeting.
andyshlizzies on 08-26-2010
Don't cry for him, we [as in taxpaying Americans] are now all paying for him to sit on his ass and drink for the next 6 months while he rakes in the glory of U/E. Jealous!!!

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