This is from an old cassette tape I got back in the 80's. Apparently it is some guys pranking the hell out of an old guy named Benny at Allied Motors somewhere in Tennessee. If anybody knows the story let me know. I have about 45 minutes of these calls I'm thinking of putting on a CD. This came out about the same time as the "Leroy Mercer" oil filter/tire & rim/Thom McAnn shoes tape done by the late John Bean (not the imposters who later did "Roy D. Mercer".
hwgarfeild on 03-05-2011
funny stuff!!! i would like to have the 45 min cd of this. contact me if you ever put it out for sale!!
jchancock on 07-08-2011
Can you make the entire 45 minute version downloadable? It only downloaded a couple of minutes. My boss wants as much of the tapes as possible on a CD by Monday and I can't find audio files anywhere. Please help!!!


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