(347): New York

Forgot to ask you when you left, ehh, do you want the Gyro, or the vegetarian meal. Because I realize after you left that I left with you the falafal, and I know that you're trying to lay off the carbs. Other problem I have is, 2 nights from now, when I am supposed to meet with you and your mother, we have a Yankees game. I am obsessed with New York Yankees. Not sure I can make it. So speak with your mother, both about the vegetarian meal, and the falafal, and of course about the New York Yankees, with whom I am currently obsessed.
Party chocolate college. 4. Hey, how are you alright. Just wanted this on the on there.
Hey, you know how we been talkin' about gettin' a car? Umm, I got my bonus and my tax return at the same time. I got 20 grand. I actually got a little more than 20 grand. Like 25 grand. But 20 grand I can spend on a car. Ummmm. Hey, listen. Let's, go to the one of those auctions, one of the car auctions, where they like, repossess cars from drug dealers and shit. Let's get like 10 cars! You know? Hey tell me, do you wanna get a car? I'll get you a car! I got 20 grand. We'll go to one of those car auctions. Hey! OK. So gimme a call. And hey, we'll go get a car, we'll go get a few ca-, we'll go get 10 cars. Auction!
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