(404): Georgia

Yeah yeah. Noah, it's Ryan, We need to reschedule for 3 o'clock today at 572 Option 3 o'clock call me to confirm by all.
Hey man, it's Ryan. Uh, One thing we need is a keyboard, ike extra key word the, a nap, 1. Hotel or whatever, but that's the one thing missing so I don't know. I'm here already, gimme a buzz. Bye.
If you could just pick up.
Hey you mother fucker. It's only 10:30 and I am fucked up. I'm not really badly fucked up, but I'm fucked up enough to have a fucking conversation with the black dude in the bathroom who gives you paper towels. Man I gotta big bottle of Jagger, some fucking Coor's Light, and I've got that big box of … watching some girls. It's great, man. And he was here when I got here. Man, I wish you was with us. You and that mother fuckin' fine boat. Anyhow, give me a call tomorrow you dumb bitch. Bye.
Okay. Next time I wanna find a cheap apartment and found her made on craigslist. I'm going out to this one doesn't understand it, not okay walk around the house no, showed on. I mean if you are like but my prepare some everyone thinks but she works for you honey fax in hair. What The Well.
Yo you're all of that old logo in the please.
Yo you're all of that old logo in the please.
The test for know it as your conversion for sale.
Hi mister. Becker, this is Bernie to call me back with U. P. S. Okay now speaking with that local sooner. They're saying that the package vehicle back. They also saying even with the driver. Having ZIP code to get a M that it's an apartment location that they still want to leave the package. I have requested for you know supervisor manager at that center to give you a call back to give you a better explanation because that's not what the message they skier in our system yesterday and said that the package the E number would be given the code will be given to the driver and the driver with deliver the package yesterday so I left that phone number (XXX) XXX-XXXX for you to receive a call back and I apologize again, mister. Becker. If you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call here at X(XXX) XXX-XXXX. Thank you.
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