(512): Texas

Listen remember understand. So if you push a button draft version but peace. I don't know what button works and up. Olivia I'm gonna drop in consumer specialists answers number booking number is 7 wait there and I do. Hello, Alright, lets try in it. So I guess. 7. Both, I just got a little face or well the new nothing there and Mr help. Bye. Hello shares polish up to 6 men in touch and love to see you. Hello Sir, Yeah, who is this. Who is this hello hello, well shut it off the phone. Man, Hello and then why don't you answer some of the 8. Thanks. Yeah one. Hello Portland and then mother justices that you got damn pro. Beauregard and suffering.
(512): Dude is Really Hammered, Has Crabs and is Going...
Or my God, listen yet. I'm looking on this got damn website, nice. Even you got jerking with the jerky boys this I add give away, and the first thing that I wanna tell you is that you you're sick, 6 May and I'm looking at it and got damn it, I got the looking at it like you wanna sit around and have some kind. I did some kind of Circle Jerks on top of the night had like it was a cracker well you do get this god damn it, then I'm looking at it. He said upload some voicemails the last week and I pat it's that's ridiculous someways mails. I don't even Lou the the venues is voicemails. I don't know what the you think you are even come in and and like you some kind. I can with the i'm gonna give you did, so I'm gonna give you that have logic, just got damn give it out like a blow job sale is on that. I don't know what your ass like a god, B M, she deal with the Robert ohh son of a damn it. Did anybody, even in your contact. Holy, I got home i got, i gotta go. My balls origin. I gotta get [click to continue...]
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