(619): California

Hello, Hi. My name is Patrick and I am actually calling in regards to the camera and that you had on sale for on craigslist. I'm actually I went in Studio City. So I would be easier for me to pick up. After work anyways, i'll have it please give me a call my cellphone number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX Thank you so much bye.
Hi this is. I should go calling from port on input text you are next generation. The internet consulting. Com like we do have tons of pics but he said to post social media open toes Technology Center mall by the off the case and that meant you Pollock to work with you tonight. Even degrees a valley consent to find this message is testing piece to call us at opposed to 84043301 and and extension. S 1 1 66. Thank you. Have a good day.
I spoke with him postpone conflict. The or next generation Internet content thankful have tons of expertise and do it let me. Tia toast a call if you send it mobile application development. We look forward to focus and I can address any concerns if. If you get this agent interesting piece to close at 6408 beautiful 3301 and extension is 116 6. Thank you. Have a good day.
Hay Buddy, it's Brandon, Give me a call it's about the Wynn. I need your help with a referral. Thank you.
Hey Ryan, it's Keith, Please call me back. Give me a call if you want, I'll be at the same number. Take care. Talk to you soon.
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