(661): California

Hey sweetie pie. It's me, just calling to see how you doing anyway. Gimme a call back when you chance alright. Love you bye.
Hey Pat, Just give me a minute. Bye kind of just check in a tent keep the car just to get in touch with you. I was hoping you back bye bye bye. Yeah, yeah, but I think you have a good day.
Did you read it? Did you read it? Congratulations to Evan Smith for his good works to the community. Congratulations on your Man of the Year award. I can't believe this! I know I know what you're thinking oh its nothing, its a local little town of like 250 people. But it doesn't matter I saw it! Oh gosh! Oh my God look at that. I printed it out. You know, the best thing I did was put your name and your city in Google Alerts. Oh my God! I'm so proud. Alright. Oh. Owww! Oh and you check my Facebook status later cause its gonna be on there baby! You're a rockstar. You. Are. A Rockstar! Woooooooo!!!!
Hello, this is town. Shawn, This is Trisha calling 81002 P. Agnes calling on myspace to meet nice ma'am at at the coffee house. I have and I will send you an email has to discuss to meet who have said it becomes attention. 2. As your email sent to a posting inside and I wanted to call from there. Okay. Okay, bye bye.
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