(718): New York

melanin what it is.mp3
Hey its back. You bitch. You fuckin' nigga. Fuckin' pussy nigga. Fucking asshole nigga. Stupid nigga. Mothe —uhhhh, Fucking-a stupid nigga. You commy bitch. OK? Bye you stupid.
Y-y-y-yes doctor, its awful. I can't believe the awful things my mother would say to me. And then on top of it to beat me around the house like that. She nearly put me into a coma state. God help us.
I need you to stop by the pharmaceutical store, and get my hemorrhoid cream for me on the way home. And don't forget my glasses this time ya bastard!
Hey you motherfucker, you fuckin' think you're a fuckin' smart ass now blowin' up my fuckin' chops and startin' fuckin' trouble? I'm gonna come down there and I'm gonna shove that fuckin' piece up your ass if you don't gimme that fuckin' money. Alright? Your pieces are made, they been made since fuckin' yesterday, Now come down there and pick 'em up at the other fuckin' shop. And gimme my fuckin' money. If I see you down at my fuckin' shop down here, I'm gonna bust your fuckin' head for ya. Ok? You got it? You don't wanna fuckin' deal wit' me now you little cocksucker? I'll fuckin' straighten your ass out.
Hey numbnuts, its Frank Rizzo. You better pick up the phone Jerky. I'm on Facebook, and I see that one of you wise ass punks posted pictures of my fat ass mother gettin' in and out of the fuckin' bathtub. Now when I found out who the hell did this I'm gonna ring somebodies fuckin' neck. All these damn check-ins are fuckin' with my Facebook feed. You understand me Charlie? So knock it off you stupid sons-a-bitches. Call me back knucklehead!
Yeah Mikey, its Frank. I took care of business with that prick, its done. Now I need you to meet me tonight behind the old pool hall, we gotta clean things up. So I'll see ya there, tonight.
Hey yo this Harold and I need to know when you gonna come get these boxes…because the longer these boxes sit here… I think… I'm not sure because I'm just working for the U. P. S. But ummm, I think there's a ferret in there. And I, I only say ferret as opposed to a dog or a cat, because I had a ferret once and the kinda noise this mothafucka makin' from these boxes…I'm pretty god damn sure its a ferret. And I, I don't, I don't really cuss unless I'm serious about somethin'. So I think it's a fuckin' ferret. So… I mean y'all can deal with it the way y'all want. But if you don't come get these boxes…this little dude gonna starve…Out!
Clara? Clara it's mom, are you there? Alright well call me, you're probably off on another one your weekends with one of those boyfriends of yours…um anyway your Dad and I just wanted to say hi, and ummm, that's about all. Maybe you'd know that if you'd call your mother every once in a while.
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