(805): California

Heaaayy. This is dis jar. Come claa to de dare. Noo this not dare. Da clooown dis not tell me yo beck. Mmm boww ing bieetch. CALL ME BACK. Pleeaase. With cheese. Bye.
Listen closely. Say it with me. "Fresh. Yellow. Peeps." It is that time of year, where you can walk into any Wal Mart, and for .96 cents — purchase a fresh box of yellow peeps. For your eating pleasure. I myself have a box here of freshly opened, riding home from WalMart, eating my yellow peeps. Not the white ones. Not the purple ones. Not a green one. YELLOW. PEEPS. I love em. Gimme call bye.
Hi Ryan, This is Jill your ADP rep, I was just trying to touch base with you regarding your payroll and uh the delivery. I created a case on Tuesday and I just want to follow up with you and make sure that that it was delivered. I did a little research and it sounded like it was UPS something with U. P. S. I was in an ADP error, but I you know, you know. Nonetheless, I want to make sure that everything was smoothed out. So please give me a call. Let me know that everything is all good so I will know. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks. Bye bye.
My dad is time guy praise night wireless problem gold when you call me incompatible. And yeah bye.
Oh my god, I just got home…wooo I'm crazy…fuckin' tired, I'm gonna smoke a bowl. Will you call me and come fuckin' bullshit? And, yeah…bye.
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