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Here is my keep the bra on mentality. You're such a liar, whatever, fuck you, this means something to me. listen…how many ways are there for breasts to go wrong? too many! too many! shh shh. how many categories are there? how many spectrums are there for things to go wrong? Too many. Too many! Every once in a while, things work out well…things work out perfectly, and god knows we appreciate it. But all too often, are men are left standing, "I should have kept the bra on." And what is the motto, what is the typical Jewish motto. Better safe than sorry. Keep the bra on always. You hear this ladies and gentleman…keep the bra on, always!
Miles from Farmers Insurance responding to your email. Please call me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Thank you very much, bye.
Yeah, Hi this is Amar from Keyes Toyota, just spoke to Mr will give me a call my cellphone number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX (XXX) XXX-XXXX at the information that you what's going. Thank you.
Hey Ryan, it's Zack, I just wanna call and touch base with you a little bit with the i'm doing and see how everything's going on your end and I also just wanna talk about summer plans with you as well, so give me a call back.
Okay, so what am I happen to like if we have sex. I'm with calling you. I want to take it you know anything. Hey, I wanted to you there. You haven't taken the anywhere and you. I mean calling me so what the like. The or so. Grow your stupid and just growth in a wire. He's got to go alright. I think that would be considerably. Thanks. If I continue with your Dad and I got home with him and then I let him live. Dessert off me. Hi like that idea by.
They wrote it. I just want to say I was watching this weird like Belgium moving on netflix man. Okay, so either key, he should not cool. Kiki lakes and I'm breaking key. Yeah, I mean everything to. Yeah, that's friends are. Where. Where ever done. I was in P for from.
Hey, I just want to you. It's very important that you call me. I have a very bad magazine about the wedding last night, Japan automatic days. John that you cannot, and I am. I have a dream. All you have baby foot faces like dogs like the dogs like that but he doesn't like that that I don't from that stuff so I want to meet with that. The Julie Julia, That I've, that's one that your baby is will Greg dot D O cannot messages boy you'll call me okay goodbye.
Hey like any kind of A. I hope that honestly the packs, a company center and I team at. I wish day. Deacon getting to see if you if you have a is gonna be speaking call me.
Okay, it's a place pick up. I need pizza. Leo early on the repeats pick up on it. Detail it would be the 9 Laurie Yahoo interviews and I don't know what I am. You need to. Okay, bye bye.
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