(917): New York

Dude. I wanna know in the transcription how many use is just put in dude. So, it's Dave, gimme a call 917. A. You, 030-9601. I have a audio Microsoft question, hey.
Hey, date. Hey, hey. Pete, give me a favor, Nick. Hello, move my car for me man HI I left the keys in your coffee table walked home last night. Just to miss all to move the car bro. I think it's dead. Like on monday and wednesday. Three, sleeping, whatever. So, I. I think today is monday please move for Bro, was no a cat path, alright, it's, Pete. It's a great coup love. With. The license plate is missing it in the front. I hope you can drive a stick. If not gig reference to it. Thanks. Bye move my car bro peace. Later.
Rudolph 'Rudi' Garmisch: Yah, Chinese Downhill! It is ze only vayyyyy. Kendo Yamamoto: What eh ze fuck is a Chinese a downhill?
Hey man. Check out this riff that I just dropped. Its a little guitar riff. Ok. Bringin' on the mothafuckin' cream cheese! Bringin' on the mothafuckin' cream cheese. Bringin' on the mothafuckin' cream cheese. And then it switches. To, bringing on the motherfuckin' cream cheese. Its all about my love for cream cheese.
Trying to give me a call if you can. What are you doing. Bye. I think you are okay. Come on, but hey, yeah.
Hey I was thinking yesterday about the nicknames and … I'm not really Cool being called Bro honda … just because my name is you on the Bill and that my nickname has to be Bro … and I know that we you know left the kind of impromptu unofficial meeting session whatever you wanna call it at starbucks with the understanding that I was gonna be Bro hi ass but I wanna get back to you either tomorrow night thursday night that is and and talk about it because I'm just … I'm just not Cool Rocks so I know it's and all but let's let's get back to you … our next.
Have any payment detail of this. Thanks to go to speak. Yeah sleep. I am so it's a couple of weeks back, have a tight, how many times but if you could expect to get the title of that. Okay staff weeks the back it.
Hey Mom Hey, you know you called earlier and you had some questions about what to do it up to. Yes, I did apply at the warehouse and they don't have a job for me, so I think we could, but that one's bad. Yeah I applied to the dentist office and I think you know how that went by. Hey, I also plan a hair dresser hey wait to hear back from them. So yes right now. What used out class and like to just talk time draw. I want to talk to you. Hey, Okay, call me back.
Hey man, Hello. So I had a rough one. I was wondering if you know we could just talk about what happened last night is not really typical of me. You have already about 3 cups of coffee to at first try at Waco, but if you want to get one more, just, you know tomorrow. I will give a call from talk about what happened last night because I'm not entirely sure. Alright, so you know number.
Hi Nigel look. Bye got you know proposal oozes bye bye. It's absurd, it's ridiculous is, so I can precision white boy rack thing that you trying to do it. It it look if you get a for the spend money. Matt, you go by come up with something that done have time to spend money on these rubbish approach us. This specially because the buzz presently got a cocaine problem and. But have a problem admitting it, and if I'm gonna spend my money. It's gonna be money well spent. So it doesn't give me A is pretty sure white boy rap project crap okay. You gonna come in it that you debt have the truck so, and you know even collards. So, what the. Are you telling me that you gonna come up with this alright. Come on. Bye. You know you better than that. Gimme a call.
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