Dude what the fuck. Its like…20 to noon, let's hit the gym. Get fuckin' swole, you know what I'm sayin'? Holler back.
Hey Loserface. It's me. Just wanted to know, I did not, absolutely did not deserve your rudeness and being mean and being an asshole to me. I did nothing but be nice and be honest with how I felt. And I hate you and I will for now on, you are up there with one other guy I have ever hated so much in my life. Congratulations. You are a chicken shit who cannot accept the fact that someone did what they did for some other reason, and forgiving and be kind and understanding. And I hate you and I always will. So fuck you and don't even call me again and don't ever fuckin' email me again to be your connection or anything. Cause I fuckin' hate you now and always will and so does my sister, Abby, and so does my mother. Congratulations. You are up there with Jim. And you always will be. Fucking piece of shit. You are scared of your own fucking shadow. You're a loser. Bye.
Look, I'm fucking sick and tired of this crap. You're totally just fuckin' high school, whiny-ass bullshit, and honestly I don't favor it at all. You fucking ask like a little wuss pussy bitch because I told you to shut the fuck up when you were screaming in the goddamned mic. You know what, you fucking deserved it. You know, if you can't fucking take that from me, you're going to that military school, you're fucked. You are seriously fucked. They're only going to yell at you. They're gonna scream at you until you fucking cry and piss your little bitch-ass pants. You fuckin' understand me? Cause that's what they're gonna do. I have tried to be your friend. I have been your friend. Fuckin' a' man. I don't know, I went out and almost bought you the fuckin' Halo 3 Legendary until I was told, oh wait, nevermind, you got another copy. Even when you were acting like a fuckin' jerk, I was going out, I was gonna spend 130 fuckin' dollars on your ass because I considered you a fucking friend. [click to continue...]
Did you read it? Did you read it? Congratulations to Evan Smith for his good works to the community. Congratulations on your Man of the Year award. I can't believe this! I know I know what you're thinking oh its nothing, its a local little town of like 250 people. But it doesn't matter I saw it! Oh gosh! Oh my God look at that. I printed it out. You know, the best thing I did was put your name and your city in Google Alerts. Oh my God! I'm so proud. Alright. Oh. Owww! Oh and you check my Facebook status later cause its gonna be on there baby! You're a rockstar. You. Are. A Rockstar! Woooooooo!!!!
I am sitting here with pomade in my hair…and it is all because I didn't pay attention in college.
You know, you're making me go out of my mind. And I'm not kidding. I'm not kidding. I can't handle this like you can. I'm begging you as a human being to please call me back. Please call me back. Please call me back, I'm not doing well. Please call me back. You know, as a human being, please. As someone who once cared about me, can you please call me back. Please. Please.
Maybe you're meeting another chick right now. Maybe that's why you can't take these calls, check anymore voice mails, huh? All I know is I wouldn't wish this on anyone. And you know, Mark, despite the fact that we didn't get along, I don't know why you wanna do this to me. And I don't want to hate you, I love you. Why did you have to do this to me? I don't understand.
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