Tom, you're killing me right now! You need to answer your phone! We're gonna be leaving in like 15 minutes. I'm..I'm contemplating driving over to your house and knocking on your door because I think… you might be asleep…So…answer, return, respond to this voicemail as soon as you can. Bye.
Jenn, its not a setup. Just got done with practice. Um, got meetings here, and, I dont know for about, a couple more hours. I'm going back to the hotel and just chill. Send me a text, cause I'll be in the building for a couple more hours. Love to, have you come over tonight. But uh, I know uh, I think Aaron came up and asked ya, if you uh, would give him, your number, or he was gonna give you my number. I understand. Send me a text, love to see you tonight. Alright, talk to ya later, bye.
So in some garbage can huh? So thats what you think I think of ya. Hmm, alright, well I'm still tryin' — just got done with practice. I'll try the other phone. You probably caller ID I think, but, if you can make it, it'd be great. Alright, later.
Holden Kushner: Clinton finally, have you seen any of the story out in New York where the uh, where the the Latin broadcaster Ines Sainz came out and I guess the Jets were sayin’ some things to her and she decided to go out and say she wasn’t very happy with the locker room etiquette…did you hear about this? Clinton: No, what happened? Holden Kushner: Well, this girl Ines Sainz, she’s a, she’s a uh, Latin Broadcaster she came in I guess a couple of the New York Jets had called her Senorita Bonita… about that…and I just wonder if… B Mitch: That means Beautiful Lady! [Steve: Beautiful lady!]Nothing wrong with calling a woman a beautiful lady I don’t think right? Holden Kushner: Have you ever encountered a woman who just dressed completely inappropriately and just shouldn’t a-been in the locker room? Or even on the field covering you guys? Clinton: You know man I think, I think ummm, you put you put women reporters in the locker room in position uh to [click to continue...]
Tommy…where the hell'd you go last night bro? Bily won ten thousand dollars in black jack and bought us all lapdances. You gotta be smarter than that next time and stick with the boys!
1: Hello? 2: Helloo yes? 1: Hello yes, I was looking for some prices on your tools player. 2: On your what sorry? 1: Dult? 2: What is that? 1: Ehhhh, Is aaaa-dult player. I spell for you? 2: Yes go ahead. 1: It’s a D [2: yeah]-V-[2: yeah] D 2: DVD player, gimme a second now. 1: Dooved player. 1: Hello Yes I was looking for some prices on your Dooved player. 2: A Dooved player? 1: Yes. 2: DVD player is it? D-V-D? 1: Dooved player. 2: Yeah, DVD player. 1: No itsa a dooved player? 2: Oh OK. Our entry level starts at 59.99. 1: ok I was wondering if you have a manufacturer is a Joov-k? 2: Our manufacturer be Sony. 1: Do you have any Joov-k? 2: I don’t, Sony or Panasonic. 1: OK, you have any player that play on the puck. 2: I, I cant understand ya now. Just being honest with ya. I don’t know what a puck is. 1: I spell for you? 2: Yeah. 1: It’s a P-C. 2: PC? 1: Puck! 2: Eh, uh, on a PC? 1: Yes for Windows Expluh. 2: So you want the [click to continue...]
Wanna get off the sluttiest girls your nasty imagination can dream up? Mmmmmmm we can be whatever you want us to be baby. After all it is your fantasy and we live to make it real. Whether you wanna take us spread eagled on the bed or while we're on our hands and knees, me and my ultra hot girlfriends will do whatever it takes to pleasure you. Hot amateur talk with personal and erotic stories for only 99 cents per minute. Or talk live one on one with a nasty girl who'll do anything you want for only 2.99 per minute. Brought to you by National. You must be 18 or older to get into this party baby, enter your credit, or debit card number now to join the fun.
1: Search X. 2: Security Systems! Talk to me! 1: Yeah gimme a second I’ll transfer ya now! 2: Morning Pete’s may I help you? 1: Hello there. I’m looking for a security system, I want something I can put on me wall. Put a camera on the wall, put it over there, put it over there, got someone who’s gonna rob my BMW, and they got shot in the face, what have you got? 2: Hold on a second. 2: Hello sales? 1: Security systems, talk to me! 2: Yeah which ones would ya like? 1: I want one with a camera you can put over in the corner, you put another camera in the corner, you put a camera on the outside, you got someone coming in to steal my BMW and he gets shot in the face , what have you got? 2: Ehmm, at the moment we’ve got nothing at all actually. 1: You aint got nothing? You got nothing in the whole store? 2: No, do you have a BMW though. 1: Oh I got a BMW it is quite nice. 2: Yeah very nice. At the moment absolutely nothing. 1: You ain’t got nothing in [click to continue...]
Listen here you little shithead. I hear how you treat your mom. I had a good talk with Grandpa and so did Grandpa, he had a good talk with your mom. You better watch what you're saying, just because you;re hanging out with your fucking Dad. If anybody is the fuckin' bitch around here, if anybody should get the fuck outta there, its your Dad. And you? You better straighten up CJ. Who are you to talk to me? You wait till I tell Aunt Jenny, Uncle Chris, and everybody how you're treating your Mom. You better cut your shit out cause you're gonna end up on the street. You better respect your Mom. I don't care who you think you are. Your Mom is your Mom. And you better not be dis-be-respecting her. And you better find out when the hell Jacob is back. Cause Grandpa's the one that called that needed to find out when Jacob is back. And if you're gonna keep talking to your Mom like that you better wait for me, because I'll get there faster than you think. Watch me! You better not be talkin' to [click to continue...]
Hello Dad, its Ray, so he was just born, 7 pounds 2 ounces. And uh, surprise, we're naming him after you! His names James Oshea. Love you, I'm gonna call you back, mother and baby are doing well, call you back soon but I love you… Liamm James Oshea. Love you, bye bye!
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