Brent, um this is Jaquelyn. First of all I resent the fact that you had the nerve to call and um, you already spoke to me, but you had the nerve to call RC, when I’d already told you I was taking care of it, and I had given the mo-, the money to um, to what’s his face to give to you. I have no control that Windsor doesn’t pay cause its RC that pays. So I don’t know what the amounts are. You should have called me with them or whatever. When I got that amount together I put it in an envelope. You weren’t there. The kids didn’t go. And I gave it to David. David looked for your yesterday. He looked for you, I think he’s still looking for you now. But you had no right. You already called me. And yelled at me and all that. But you had no right to call RC, and um, and, like ya know, that was really really stupid. Um, you’re not supposed to call RC and complain about that I didn’t pay you that’s bullshit. Your money was already given to David. And um if you hadn’t [click to continue...]
Hey Joe. Its Rich. Just callin to say hi. Was lookin at some porn on the internet and it was one of those sites where its like, all like, guy-girl or girl-girl stuff but every now and then they throw in like a guy getting a blow job or whatever so i was shocked when i saw it, so i thought of you. Figured you were in Hollywood, making some stag films there. ahh i don't know if you are giving it or taking it, but I'm sure you are making some money. And i just called to say hi. I don't know if you have my new number, but this is my new number. Give me a call sometime and we can discuss your gayness. Ill talk to you later.
(NOYB): A and R not Feelin' British White Boy Rap, but ...
Nigel, look, ugh, got your uh, proposal. Its absurd, its ridiculous. This like British white boy rap thing that you're trying to do. Look if you're gonna ask me to spend money mate you gotta like come up with something better than that. I don;t have time to spend money on these rubbish projects. Especially because I've presently got a cocaine problem. And I dont have a problem, admitting it. And, if I'm gonna spend my money, its gonna be money well spent.
Hey, you know how we been talkin' about gettin' a car? Umm, I got my bonus and my tax return at the same time. I got 20 grand. I actually got a little more than 20 grand. Like 25 grand. But 20 grand I can spend on a car. Ummmm. Hey, listen. Let's, go to the one of those auctions, one of the car auctions, where they like, repossess cars from drug dealers and shit. Let's get like 10 cars! You know? Hey tell me, do you wanna get a car? I'll get you a car! I got 20 grand. We'll go to one of those car auctions. Hey! OK. So gimme a call. And hey, we'll go get a car, we'll go get a few ca-, we'll go get 10 cars. Auction!
Hey, there's some creepy bum trolling around the building. Um, look alive when you get home tonight. Godspeed.
Where's the beef.
HI Fred, you and the little Mermaid can go fuck yourselves. I told you to stay near the phone, I can't find those books, you have other books here it must be in La Jolla. Call me back! I'm not gonna stay up all night for you g'bye.
Yes, hello I was calling in regard to an entry form that you filled out with us at a Chicago Cubs game that you attended May 16th uh, when they were playing the pirates. I have really good news for you regarding your entry blank call me back today at 1(XXX) XXX-XXXX and my name is Debbie ask for Debbie at extension (XXX), and I'll tell you all about this when you call today. I am in the office and it is really good news. Ask for Deb.
Oh hello me. You’re not able to get this call. Yeah look this is Walker. This is Walker. This is Wren. I need to Wren to get a hold of Lee, get a hold of Wayne, and all the children. Now this Sabrina has called her Uncle to come pick her up from the house here. Did she call ya’ll? She called ya’ll is that right? She called Big E, and Salem. They down here in Houston. To come down here to pick her up. I don’t know where I could meet, I didn’t know anything about it. Now they askeded me a long long time ago. Could she come. I said yeah. And now I wish you’d see her room back there. Now my room is clean. You saw, you saw how my room is clean. Alright I’m a big man I clean my room up. Now she got here and she got straight now and I don’t think, he go.. now…she is old enough to clean up her own room. And comb her hair. Now she can do that and I’m a big man I have a marriage and different things coming here. Now they come here form Houston to spend some you know gas and [click to continue...]
Hey, its uh, its Tiger. I need you to do me a huge favor. Ummm…Can you please, uhhh, take your name off your phone. My wife went through my phone and uh, may be calling you. If you can, please take your name off that. And um, what do you call it, just have it as a number, on the voicemail. Just have it as your telephone number. You gotta do this for me. Huge. Quickly. Ok bye.
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