(NOYB): My man Needs to Remember his Prophylactics Next...
Hey pharmacy was outta plan b. Can I borrow 400 bucks? Please?…call me.
Hey Ryan, this is Koby from young start-up ventures came across your website and wanted to find out if you're actively seeking venture funding. I can be reached at (XXX) XXX-XXXX. That's (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Take care.
You fucking cunt[click to continue...]
Hey, just starin' has at my office walls wondering what we should do for lunch and getting paid big money for it. You have any preference? Gimme a call.
Adam: Hello? Pierce: Hello is Adam Neganewitzky available from the New York Venture Summit? Adam: Yeah speaking. Pierce: Great, uh hi, um my name is Pierce we've been speaking I'm from Argio Biotech. Uh this is in regards to uh the New York Venture Summit 2010 and I guess our applications maybe there's some confusion there? Adam: Yeah hey Pierce how are you? Pierce: I'm doing excellent I figured it would be better to call than to continue with these email chains its getting a little ridiculous. Adam: Yes I appreciate the call. So uh, yeah I would like to definitely clear up the confusion because uh, I'm just trying to figure out…so what's your uh, what's your take on things? Pierce: Um, so we're all set to present, uh, I think that's, what is that, two weeks from now. Sometime in June. And uh, I don't know you passed off my email to uh, gosh what was her name, Revecca, how do you say the last name? Uh… Adam: el Fisla Benjamin. Pierce: Yeah Revecca Benjamin. And uh she seems to [click to continue...]
I need you to stop by the pharmaceutical store, and get my hemorrhoid cream for me on the way home. And don't forget my glasses this time ya bastard!
Hey, so my cat thinks you're really sexy. And that if you had a theme song, it would go like this…it would go…Meow chicka-meow-meow, meow-chicka-meow-meow…cuz you're sexy…hehe….meooowwwww.
Forgot to ask you when you left, ehh, do you want the Gyro, or the vegetarian meal. Because I realize after you left that I left with you the falafal, and I know that you're trying to lay off the carbs. Other problem I have is, 2 nights from now, when I am supposed to meet with you and your mother, we have a Yankees game. I am obsessed with New York Yankees. Not sure I can make it. So speak with your mother, both about the vegetarian meal, and the falafal, and of course about the New York Yankees, with whom I am currently obsessed.
Hey man. Check out this riff that I just dropped. Its a little guitar riff. Ok. Bringin' on the mothafuckin' cream cheese! Bringin' on the mothafuckin' cream cheese. Bringin' on the mothafuckin' cream cheese. And then it switches. To, bringing on the motherfuckin' cream cheese. Its all about my love for cream cheese.
Hey you motherfucker, you fuckin' think you're a fuckin' smart ass now blowin' up my fuckin' chops and startin' fuckin' trouble? I'm gonna come down there and I'm gonna shove that fuckin' piece up your ass if you don't gimme that fuckin' money. Alright? Your pieces are made, they been made since fuckin' yesterday, Now come down there and pick 'em up at the other fuckin' shop. And gimme my fuckin' money. If I see you down at my fuckin' shop down here, I'm gonna bust your fuckin' head for ya. Ok? You got it? You don't wanna fuckin' deal wit' me now you little cocksucker? I'll fuckin' straighten your ass out.
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