Yeah Mikey, its Frank. I took care of business with that prick, its done. Now I need you to meet me tonight behind the old pool hall, we gotta clean things up. So I'll see ya there, tonight.
Phyllus? This is Anna please call me as soon as you get this we are having a major crisis. The bridesmaid dresses just came and all the dresses are supposed to be blush pink. And they're… pedal pink… I mean its like, its like, practically… coral. Ugh, oh what am I gonna do I can't have my wedding like that, call me, I'm just, I'm gonna die…[sobbing]
Hey numbnuts, its Frank Rizzo. You better pick up the phone Jerky. I'm on Facebook, and I see that one of you wise ass punks posted pictures of my fat ass mother gettin' in and out of the fuckin' bathtub. Now when I found out who the hell did this I'm gonna ring somebodies fuckin' neck. All these damn check-ins are fuckin' with my Facebook feed. You understand me Charlie? So knock it off you stupid sons-a-bitches. Call me back knucklehead!
Hi, So I was at TechCrunch Disrupt today and and I'm paralyzed because I went into the bathroom and trying to be quiet because he's right behind me, but Michael Arrington took a shit, that was the smelliest fucking thing I;ve ever smelled in my life. I don't know what this guy had for lunch. He went and must have had 5 hamburgers, or a fuckin' fish, smelly fuckin' fish sandwich, and ya know I don't know what the hell what this motherfucker thinks he's doin' coming in, he's fucking used a disgusting amount of toilet paper, the water is, over flowing, its gross, I dont know what is going. Anyways, what is this audio shit, this shit is weird too.
Hello this is Philip Kaplan and…I like my wikipedia page and it shows…I'd rather be masturbating.
Hey Ryan, this is a Scoble…Nice seeing you and I hope you kick ass up on stage.
Ohhh, oh my God I wanna douse you in lamp oil and beat you with a fucking stick!
Hey Mom, um, Yeah I know you called earlier and you had some questions about what I been doin' what I been up to. I did apply at the warehouse they don't have a job for me. So I think we can put that one to bed. I applied at the dentist's office and I think you know how that went. I also applied at the hairdresser and I'm waiting to hear back from them. So, for right now I want you to stay off my ass. And um…time that I…draw a line with you. OK, call me back.
Yes, I'll need you to pick up my dry cleaning tomorrow, and get your ass into work early on Saturday, ok?
Johnson its Schwartz, listen what we need is not necessarily something that just tells the news of the day but analyzes the news of the day. Something that really… gets into the bowels, and when I say bowels I don't mean something you take a shit from, I mean like, that really talks about the innards of stuff…uhhh…social networking, sports, steroids in sports…that's what we need. Hit me back.
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