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Audio Transcription: Murphy Insurance, dfmurphy.com, is an insurance company in Massachusetts. The company offers personal, business, and financial insurance, and works with over 25 carriers. When someone needs insurance, Murphy will work with their clients to create customized insurance specifically for their needs. @ http://www.dfmurphy.com
Audio Transcription: http://www.gemline.com/gemline/direct-import/content.aspx?id=138 was founded in 1958 under the name Gem Giftwares. The company is a supplier of bags, business accessories, gifts, and writing instruments. Their website, Gemline.com is the place to go to see their logoed products that businesses are interested in.
TaxExtension Federal tax extension form 7004.org .mp3
TaxExtension.org tax extension form .mp3
Amadeus Band — Cija Si Nisi (X-Band Cover).mp3
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