An Irish settler calls into Jenny Craig with health concerns over what the food is doing to her body.
Your cab has arrived
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Hi. Yes, I'm making yet another phone call. It's pretty hard to say things, you know, over the voicemail, when I don't have you on the other end. But, you want black and white. And this is pretty black and white. I need to hear from you. I need to have, I need to know that you care that much about me that you're gonna be there for me, and that you're concerned, and that you want to work this out, all of the above. And what I will assume by you not calling is that you don't care and that you don't want to work this out and you know what, you don't care if I leave. Because I gotta do something before I end up killing myself. My health is in jeopardy here, I'm sure you're aware of that. I guess what I'm saying, black or white, is I wanna hear from you tonight, soon. Not at 1 in the morning when you're done at the bars. But now, cause I know you're checking your voicemail. I wanna hear if you have any care, any ounce of concern in your body for me. And if you do, if you want to be with [click to continue...]
Yo little bitch, callll me back!
A hilarious recording of two old men arguing with one another for hours, recorded by one of their neighbors who had had just about enough of their babbling moronic chatter and had to tape it so his friends would believe it. Shut Up, Little Man! became a series of tape recordings of two belligerent alcoholics, Raymond Huffman & Peter J. Haskett . The tapes were recorded by Mitchell D & Eddie Lee Sausage, 2 dudes that lived next door to Raymond and Peter in San Fran's Lower Haight district in the late 80's. The two old men next door argued constantly, with Peter frequently shouting “shut up, little man!” at Raymond. Eddie and Mitchell started recording the antics and often egged Peter and Raymond on with prank telephone calls of their own. Listen here[click to continue...]
Hi, So I was at TechCrunch Disrupt today and and I'm paralyzed because I went into the bathroom and trying to be quiet because he's right behind me, but Michael Arrington took a shit, that was the smelliest fucking thing I;ve ever smelled in my life. I don't know what this guy had for lunch. He went and must have had 5 hamburgers, or a fuckin' fish, smelly fuckin' fish sandwich, and ya know I don't know what the hell what this motherfucker thinks he's doin' coming in, he's fucking used a disgusting amount of toilet paper, the water is, over flowing, its gross, I dont know what is going. Anyways, what is this audio shit, this shit is weird too.
All right so the house for a part I have hey Paul this is Cynthia plastic please give me a quick email bye now what Dad over all of from house what phone number please thanks bye which is the correct account number I don't know what number you could you please call me back bye selling the house all right know would it don't worry about that 1 … Sam … what problem what happened please give me a ring why you can all right I hope that help right well we're talking are you with them so Nine mobile to see Lee please give me call when you can you forward to your old man and is here wait or not a way you can give me if you you can please be aware or not awake please can reach me if not breathing is Jack operating at all well I have Set up I hope all we're on the way while we're talking did you've been you man help me out here and I really really hey I need to stick around that's it call me when you can I need to hear it stop talking and start this thing so I can do to help me early soon [click to continue...]
Tell me that the message or something all right cause you are doing something, trying to breast feed with a FUCKING foreign bodies in you. That has nothing do do with it. Oh so that has nothing to do with what. That has nothing to do with what, the fact that you had foreign bodies in there? Oh, so you're not lying to me about FAKE TITS? I never have. Yes, you just did you said they weren't you fucking lied to me before. What? I didn't. I never said anything of that kind. You never asked me I never told you. I mean maybe you asked me but I never lied about this. Not a lie, who cares. They look ridiculous, get rid of them why don't you. Anyway, uh you know. That's none of your fucking business. It is, they look stupid that's just an appraisal, keep them if you want to they look stupid see if I GIVE A FUCK. You know but they're too big and they look stupid they look like some VEGAS BITCH THEY LOOK LIKE A VEGAS WHORE AND YOU GO AROUND SASHAYING IN YOUR TIGHT CLOSES and [click to continue...]
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