Com it's Samantha, I just got your message, what the do you mean 880 seats for the show, we cannot to 8th row for anything here on on that front row at the show your testicles will be.
Ashley, again you call and the phone is disconnected. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with your phone. Every time you call, you disconnected. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with this phone call or the way it is, I cannot even talk to you. What is this?
Tom, you're killing me right now! You need to answer your phone! We're gonna be leaving in like 15 minutes. I'm..I'm contemplating driving over to your house and knocking on your door because I think… you might be asleep…So…answer, return, respond to this voicemail as soon as you can. Bye.
Good morning don't hang up on me I can't I have plenty it and if you could drive over to understand hi so just soon as this is I will check to engine anything see you you only XX I'd like to talk to difficult … you know I think that's it that's all I can drive on the … wouldn't hey any you know know the link … because I don't I think about the 1 because like … right now … I'm happy … hi all right art and I don't know why but which sorry to hear about your house when I have talk to she hey you anything I did not do anything did did you are this in the give me again back XX hi I'm meeting in the dinning in leasing out and if you know sorry I haven't needed and then leave me in the morning or anything … can you please and leave me a key we agreed like richard spec dot dot pick com yourself cock sucker it's the hi this is linda to try XX … because we had to look on the ground and … she's joe can you and moving the at all like is because the hi jim I not doing anything [click to continue...]
Hi, my time, so I can sitting over at my keys and I can a couple times I've a waking up again. I don't know how payment out for a couple hours. Hindsight only had a something about my name on it because it and I have some and I am just like time like there's a couple of Hairspray here, like at Grant and I realized I didn't heads and hair. Alright then, and I had set it up and I was so I had to, and even like God. Hey right now and I got have things me.
OK, you need to change your voicemail so at least its your voice so I feel like I'm at least having a conversation with you. Cause this, "the voicemail subscriber you have reached is unavailable" is bullshit bitch. Fuckin', you better fix that, you hear me girl? Bye!
Hey Ryan, it's Keith, Please call me back. Give me a call if you want, I'll be at the same number. Take care. Talk to you soon.
Hey. It's Alex give me a call when you get a chance wondering if you can come by this evening so that we can get this so Brooks written and recorded, so that I can drop them the so give me a call me bye.
Dear God, I'm just praying. Please. Please, be a friend to me. Please. I'm praying to God that you will. Please just be a friend to me. Why do you have to be so cruel? Why do you have to be so cruel to me? I don't know. I tried to do, to make this work out. I just wanted. I want you to be a friend to me and help me.
Hey pal, got a midterm tomorrow and I have 2 words for you — Need Adderal! Please call me back.
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