Dude what the fuck. Its like…20 to noon, let's hit the gym. Get fuckin' swole, you know what I'm sayin'? Holler back.
You know, I'm just pressed to even assume … I'm assuming you don't give a shit about me. And I'm assuming that since you're not taking my calls anymore and I hurt myself and you don't give a flying shit and uh, from everything you told me today and how you're not willing to work things out, and how you feel in general, you just don't want to be with me anymore. But, you know what, this is up and down. I mean, every couple days this is what happens with you. It's a roller coaster, and it's fucking torturing me, it's killing me. And maybe it's doing the same to you, but you don't' show it as well. And I pretty much need to know. Cause I'm seriously, I'm sure you can realize that I'm going through a hard time. You don't care, but you're probably aware of it. And I need to make a change in my life, big time. And obviously, I have to stay here. I thought I had you, but I don't have that. So, if I'm wrong, I'd really like you to call me or stop over or do something, like really impulsive, [click to continue...]
You call me I don't know who this is.
Hey honey just wanted to call you to let you know you looked real sexy today when I left for work, sleeping there with the dogs…anyway, I love you, I'll talk to ya, just, be thinkin about ya all day.
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Hi Ryan this is Natalie with the LA Business Journal I was calling to make sure that the photo shoot in okay this morning. I had just a couple of followup questions. I'd like to ask you before I have my story to print separate give me a call back here at the Business Journal. At (XXX) XXX-XXXX extension XXX. If you could call me before the end of the day. I'd really appreciate it. I am on a deadline. Thanks. Bye.
Okay dude, I just remembered delivered to the top. Eddy soft. Yeah, I need to know. I do need to know if if you think you gonna leave any of it is Lisa Lee, I need to know looks. I need to know because I don't know how, and they think it's a little we're both so that's it so it's It's not huge below or if you work. Definitely not by floro give me a call.
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No it's Dad … XXX saturday returning your … call I did in your in your give me a call when you get a chance … what's up and I hope things are going well hey john.
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