I'm going, I'm going to the hospital because [crying]. I'm going to the hospital, and you don't fucking care. You gotta fuckin' prove a point. And I hope you're fuckin' happy. I'm [click to continue...]
Hello hello this is my cell wireless line hi night so if … you mother fucker you calling you have an issue for sorry didn't ring your concentration you better call me all right call me … back there for you help me wrong so I'm giving you a call me I felt really get the fuck out my big we did if you Saw my I'm gonna and them I'm on the phone and I'm the in Guy and I Bet you're all you have to say John hi … Robert love you back call get out right 3 if you wanna call my number is I'll talk to you about … sorry I thought I know we got damn phone no I did talk to Him I don't know painting in the night you know I sent you and ….
Hello, this is Veeyurika(?), what we're doing in regard to the holidays coming up is to encourage your neighbors to look up on the wonderful purpose layed out by God for us in Revelations 1,21,3 and 4 where it said he will wipe out every tear from their eye, death would be no more neither will mourning or outcrying nor pain be anymore for the forward things have passed away. You are cordially invited to a weekly program of Bible discussions or free bible studies. No collections or fees are ever taken. Our meeting times are Tuesday 7:30pm, Sunday 4pm. Our address is 28100 John R. Madison Heights, Michigan 48071. Otherwise, somebody will call you back to find out a feedback regard to Revelation 21, 3 and 4. What a wonderful purpose God layed for us. What do you think about it? Have a nice day. Bye bye.
Yes, I'll need you to pick up my dry cleaning tomorrow, and get your ass into work early on Saturday, ok?
Okay, so what am I happen to like if we have sex. I'm with calling you. I want to take it you know anything. Hey, I wanted to you there. You haven't taken the anywhere and you. I mean calling me so what the like. The or so. Grow your stupid and just growth in a wire. He's got to go alright. I think that would be considerably. Thanks. If I continue with your Dad and I got home with him and then I let him live. Dessert off me. Hi like that idea by.
Hey, Mark, you know. I just want to tell you. I've never been like this before. So I don't think it's all me. I think you're kind of helping it along. And I'm gonna call my mother soon. And I know she's sleeping and she's sick. And it's 11:23. And I'm gonna ask her to call you, because I keep telling you that you're gonna take care of me. And I don't want to do that. I don't have anybody else here. So can you please call me back. How can you be so cold to me. Even if we fight? I have told you I loved you more than anything. Anything in this world. And I just need a friend right now.
Three things : One, I wish you were there to witness the faggot festival I saw right before we left Philly. Two, a great time would be to stand around an airport, and watch people run back and forth, trying to get their flights, and finding ways to, like, trip them up, or like, make them think they dropped something or … something crazy like that and lastly, I'm walking next to 3 nuns and penetration is about to ensue. Yes. Yes. Yes.
You are a motherfucker um, and I am gonna kill you, and not attend your funeral, because…you suck.
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