Maybe you're meeting another chick right now. Maybe that's why you can't take these calls, check anymore voice mails, huh? All I know is I wouldn't wish this on anyone. And you know, Mark, despite the fact that we didn't get along, I don't know why you wanna do this to me. And I don't want to hate you, I love you. Why did you have to do this to me? I don't understand.
Party chocolate college. 4. Hey, how are you alright. Just wanted this on the on there.
Hey jerky, I just got a call at work. I have to consent to a random drug and alcohol test by the end of the business day. And uhhh, if you arranged this, ehhh this is the worst April Fools prank ever you prick.
Your business card is CRAP.mp3
Yo you're all of that old logo in the please.
Hey Nick how are back there's a man look like me no thanks bye bye yeah Judy use old my body I don't know … like this mellon adventure you are man it smells like you can bake your gourmet take in the dream if you need to phone and for walking down into the Best night of your Nine so late so dramatic smile like an old Spice man tell me Gage g..
You are fucking asshole. Mother fucker. Prostitute. You suck so many dick. Mother fucker. Prostitute. Cock sucker. You are prostitute just like your mother. You're a fucking asshole. Cock sucker. Mother fucker. Prostitute. Mother fucker.
Dude, just finished up another perfect jumbo from Steve's. You gotta check that place out. Its so…fucking…good. Ventura and Sepulveda, Word. Peace.
Hey Ryan, This is Paul calling and I'm calling about your bricks. Anyway, I sent you an email last night. Or I guess early this morning with. I want to fight your ad. I'm in Glendale, and I'm interested in in, and maybe we can use it this weekend if you still have them let me know please. I'm at area code (XXX) XXX-XXXX Hey, Thanks very much. Bye now.
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