What's up buddy. Good seeing you at IKEA the other day. Anyway, I got your message. I anyway I will be working on the Justin Bieber video the next couple days, Beeber, not Biber. Anyways, that's that. Talk to you later. Bye.
Hey Mom Hey, you know you called earlier and you had some questions about what to do it up to. Yes, I did apply at the warehouse and they don't have a job for me, so I think we could, but that one's bad. Yeah I applied to the dentist office and I think you know how that went by. Hey, I also plan a hair dresser hey wait to hear back from them. So yes right now. What used out class and like to just talk time draw. I want to talk to you. Hey, Okay, call me back.
Hi Bill, this is Rosie from the Road Side Cafe. You left your credit card here… and didn't leave me a tip… thanks … Um, I could be happy to return your credit card but you know I could use some new stuff … um maybe I should call your wife and tell her that your credit card's here, oh that you left here while you were with that young girl… mmhmmm… why don't we just work somethin' out, you call me here okay, thanks bye.
I just want to tell you. You know what, I'm fine. Don't worry about me. You obviously haven't been. So you go live your life. I'll be fine and I'm out of here in a big way. Like out of here. Okay? Goodbye.
Hello hello yeah hello yeah yes casual well just call XXXX … last XXX dollars really yes we're gonna do if you what time do you … it's XXXX would work I might go and do this month wasted my name is richard ralph okay mike if you just call XXXX … I she shipped Yet yet … where are you was I supposed to be you got the wrong number … wanna bring manual Hey hey and if I don't answer that so when you and shoot me … you yeah actually she gotta try so I could crack you fucking at how are you … this club dot I shady out where the fuck are you hello was I I was away she's wes hello yes hi guess or something calling to at this look I gotta go before I get really made it in I fucking hunt you down hey larry at your family you fucking quick hey probably I'm from a favor I find out how you are I'm gonna go in and figure out a way to … you are you really my … sorry I tell you what fuck my job I click come back today fuck you yeah yeah right get I'll on the phone … yeah everybody [click to continue...]
Trying to give me a call if you can. What are you doing. Bye. I think you are okay. Come on, but hey, yeah.
Yo you're all of that old logo in the please.
Hello was … last I don't know Yet and … I wanna tell you I'm not gonna be at lot and I was just hey Gary it's yeah I return you know … marine Diane if you and I am on I and … Gene emails can't while … you know what I do … man I you we me message … I have to sign that you sent me friday night and … I got good … antenna in and ask hey this is it's I got my … please have currently have when he came to call out love you bye bye calling I felt like you need if you need to hey honey I was just calling … just keep have … if you need and … I'm waiting for your phone actually hey thanks the … because I haven't hello you tonight and … I'm happy Rubin I wanna know which raises move … run you and I hello game to and what kind of a fucking love you a lot hey and I guess I I don't know can you give me a call if you get a chance thanks hey so … this 1 of those I know I got some no I'm sorry to hey hello in the last XX minutes but I need to that you had sent me the [click to continue...]
Eccoci giunti alla 5a puntata del podcast. In questa puntata, tratteremo in diretta uno degli annunci più caldi dell'anno, Resident Evil 6, che ci viene "svelato" durante la registrazione. Considerazioni a caldo sul trailer appena rilasciato con Riddick, Jenbrother e Syndar.
Hey numbnuts, its Frank Rizzo. You better pick up the phone Jerky. I'm on Facebook, and I see that one of you wise ass punks posted pictures of my fat ass mother gettin' in and out of the fuckin' bathtub. Now when I found out who the hell did this I'm gonna ring somebodies fuckin' neck. All these damn check-ins are fuckin' with my Facebook feed. You understand me Charlie? So knock it off you stupid sons-a-bitches. Call me back knucklehead!
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