Benjamin, whussup dude. I'm rolling with my friend Alex. And I…Listen listen hold on. Ohhhh, grrr, over here, he just rode a cop bus rig back man. Gimme a call back dude. We're rolling to the bar with a bunch of bitches. Cmon dude, you gotta come up to Mount Pleasant. Alright. Alright later man. Peace.
Hey Ryan, This is Robert. Yeah, I think just trying to leave a message on my phone drop this is signal dropped regarding the bricks 1,400 bricks I can take those off your hand and just call me. I'm in northridge, i just you again. Just convenient, I could just come and pick them up. I got the full size.
This is hey i actually just read about your company in the LA business. Joan, You guys seem like a really fun and lively property, just give you guys in the potentially no job opportunities or anything like that because I'd really love to work for a company like this, so if you could just give me a call back. That'd be great. Okay, bye bye.
(NOYB): A and R not Feelin' British White Boy Rap, but ...
Nigel, look, ugh, got your uh, proposal. Its absurd, its ridiculous. This like British white boy rap thing that you're trying to do. Look if you're gonna ask me to spend money mate you gotta like come up with something better than that. I don;t have time to spend money on these rubbish projects. Especially because I've presently got a cocaine problem. And I dont have a problem, admitting it. And, if I'm gonna spend my money, its gonna be money well spent.
Party chocolate college. 4. Hey, how are you alright. Just wanted this on the on there.
Hey yo this Harold and I need to know when you gonna come get these boxes…because the longer these boxes sit here… I think… I'm not sure because I'm just working for the U. P. S. But ummm, I think there's a ferret in there. And I, I only say ferret as opposed to a dog or a cat, because I had a ferret once and the kinda noise this mothafucka makin' from these boxes…I'm pretty god damn sure its a ferret. And I, I don't, I don't really cuss unless I'm serious about somethin'. So I think it's a fuckin' ferret. So… I mean y'all can deal with it the way y'all want. But if you don't come get these boxes…this little dude gonna starve…Out!
Tommy…where the hell'd you go last night bro? Bily won ten thousand dollars in black jack and bought us all lapdances. You gotta be smarter than that next time and stick with the boys!
Hey Noah, it's dad. The to Suzie 7 days, this is turning Miller. I am call hi this is a new york. Give me a call and get a chance to put what's up. I hope things are going on well. Hey Joe.
Your business card is CRAP.mp3
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