Thank you … over there Leo you this this saturday leave … hey carol hello Hank how about this this les say I want a Hammer … you know what a Hammer it's yes … that whatever is but what I want Sam Hammer if you wanted to see the Camp hello if you want a specific Hammer they come in different branch thanks … so you're just looking for E. at Hammer at price range have were can be XXX dollars just when I have no okay was that what kind of have would be XX dude excuse me what kind of hammer we're just looking for a white today what I'm gonna I'm trying to find … happened in some doug today forwarded so you're tries about dropping back and everything for you know what about this hammer he's a mass where in the hello what I'll go mike john are you still talking hi apologize for yelling at you but you just don't listen okay I think I can repeat everything he they work over I I'm with trying to fill out hey just wanna get the use the my neighbors so I'm gonna have to release … I [click to continue...]
Hello, this is Veeyurika(?), what we're doing in regard to the holidays coming up is to encourage your neighbors to look up on the wonderful purpose layed out by God for us in Revelations 1,21,3 and 4 where it said he will wipe out every tear from their eye, death would be no more neither will mourning or outcrying nor pain be anymore for the forward things have passed away. You are cordially invited to a weekly program of Bible discussions or free bible studies. No collections or fees are ever taken. Our meeting times are Tuesday 7:30pm, Sunday 4pm. Our address is 28100 John R. Madison Heights, Michigan 48071. Otherwise, somebody will call you back to find out a feedback regard to Revelation 21, 3 and 4. What a wonderful purpose God layed for us. What do you think about it? Have a nice day. Bye bye.
Hey Ryan. Should should go up here in Northern California, quick question. Maybe you could You could give me little jingle or an email. What up. What is the average links of tracks. That are doing well there. I'm just curious. I'm getting ready to put some stuff together this in there And yeah, i guess that's. That's what I'm curious about whether fall links 34 minutes things that are getting used a lot. Or is it taken 30 seconds and and shorter or somewhere in there work, too okay. Thanks a bunch. I'm at (XXX) XXX-XXXX thanks bye.
Okay dude, I just remembered delivered to the top. Eddy soft. Yeah, I need to know. I do need to know if if you think you gonna leave any of it is Lisa Lee, I need to know looks. I need to know because I don't know how, and they think it's a little we're both so that's it so it's It's not huge below or if you work. Definitely not by floro give me a call.
Where's the beef.
Hey man. Check out this riff that I just dropped. Its a little guitar riff. Ok. Bringin' on the mothafuckin' cream cheese! Bringin' on the mothafuckin' cream cheese. Bringin' on the mothafuckin' cream cheese. And then it switches. To, bringing on the motherfuckin' cream cheese. Its all about my love for cream cheese.
It's Raining men.
Hey jerky, I just got a call at work. I have to consent to a random drug and alcohol test by the end of the business day. And uhhh, if you arranged this, ehhh this is the worst April Fools prank ever you prick.
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