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(NOYB): Mel Gibson Phone Calls - He Threatens to Kill O...
Yeah ok I don't hang up on me I can't I have plenty of them if you could drive over to understand the hi so just gonna be with my will check to get anything to you you only XXX has fucking difficult well you know I think I may have it … we'd like to do it online and I wouldn't hey any you know know the link I because I don't have 1 green because I right know it's happy I'm hi all right and I don't know but which sorry to hear about your when I'm so you knew anything I did not do anything did did you are not please in the give me again hi I'm meeting in the dinning again anthony our needs and then leave me in the morning or anything that can you please and leave me a key we agreed like richard specs dot dot com dot com sucker it's the hey hi honey it's linda to try XX … because we had to look on the ground and I was she's joe can you and moving the at all like is because the came that I need to know I'm doing anything and my name I'm trying not to do anything and I only get nothing [click to continue...]
I'm going, I'm going to the hospital because [crying]. I'm going to the hospital, and you don't fucking care. You gotta fuckin' prove a point. And I hope you're fuckin' happy. I'm [click to continue...]
What's up buddy. Good seeing you at IKEA the other day. Anyway, I got your message. I anyway I will be working on the Justin Bieber video the next couple days, Beeber, not Biber. Anyways, that's that. Talk to you later. Bye.
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You know, you're making me go out of my mind. And I'm not kidding. I'm not kidding. I can't handle this like you can. I'm begging you as a human being to please call me back. Please call me back. Please call me back, I'm not doing well. Please call me back. You know, as a human being, please. As someone who once cared about me, can you please call me back. Please. Please.
You are fucking asshole. Mother fucker. Prostitute. You suck so many dick. Mother fucker. Prostitute. Cock sucker. You are prostitute just like your mother. You're a fucking asshole. Cock sucker. Mother fucker. Prostitute. Mother fucker.
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Yes, Hi Ryan, I was calling about your home theater system. If you could please give me a call back if it's available (XXX) XXX-XXXX and my name is, felisha. Thanks. Bye.
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