I wanna fuckin' go crazy with you. So, um, I wanna fuckin' go crazy with you.
Look, I'm fucking sick and tired of this crap. You're totally just fuckin' high school, whiny-ass bullshit, and honestly I don't favor it at all. You fucking ask like a little wuss pussy bitch because I told you to shut the fuck up when you were screaming in the goddamned mic. You know what, you fucking deserved it. You know, if you can't fucking take that from me, you're going to that military school, you're fucked. You are seriously fucked. They're only going to yell at you. They're gonna scream at you until you fucking cry and piss your little bitch-ass pants. You fuckin' understand me? Cause that's what they're gonna do. I have tried to be your friend. I have been your friend. Fuckin' a' man. I don't know, I went out and almost bought you the fuckin' Halo 3 Legendary until I was told, oh wait, nevermind, you got another copy. Even when you were acting like a fuckin' jerk, I was going out, I was gonna spend 130 fuckin' dollars on your ass because I considered you a fucking friend. [click to continue...]
Yo you're all of that old logo in the please.
Rudolph 'Rudi' Garmisch: Yah, Chinese Downhill! It is ze only vayyyyy. Kendo Yamamoto: What eh ze fuck is a Chinese a downhill?
Vittorio per Roma Opera Musical.WAV
Super drunk voicemail message.
Hey bud, I just found your dog Rocky, he's filthy, and it just took me five minutes of cleaning off his tag to even figure out your phone number, since you didn't leave an address… I don't know where to drop him. So, he's gonna be at my house chillin' out eatin' a steak. Because he's got such a shitty owner, until you stop by to pick him up. 273 Emerald.
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