Tommy…where the hell'd you go last night bro? Bily won ten thousand dollars in black jack and bought us all lapdances. You gotta be smarter than that next time and stick with the boys!
Hey, mama, it's, Joe again so. I just can't get this recipe down. I think I'm missing a step. I'm gonna wrote it down and I went through it again but. Did you say skin it first, and then boil it, or boy next year. Because I have ball in the scanner but when I do that It is it turns the boss. So I don't know. If you have time to call me back tonight, but I'll be here. Just give a ring. I love you, and I'll talk to you soon. Bye.
Hi, So I was at TechCrunch Disrupt today and and I'm paralyzed because I went into the bathroom and trying to be quiet because he's right behind me, but Michael Arrington took a shit, that was the smelliest fucking thing I;ve ever smelled in my life. I don't know what this guy had for lunch. He went and must have had 5 hamburgers, or a fuckin' fish, smelly fuckin' fish sandwich, and ya know I don't know what the hell what this motherfucker thinks he's doin' coming in, he's fucking used a disgusting amount of toilet paper, the water is, over flowing, its gross, I dont know what is going. Anyways, what is this audio shit, this shit is weird too.
Hi Mark here I'm on the right or a I got Hung up right and … here right you're probably talk to you about we're a bad day or so … Blow about got a rent right for dial Ran a red Light it's … for a lady that … in palo doctor look around right in probably out about all that other guys get out of the Car got … got a XX that's XX out bye so is I have pair like like like their phone … hello going over there with the ralph … with hi … thanks brian with frank today on my cell bye sorry I missed you you know if you want to bring him hi I'm house and I have X more time … if I don't answer so let's talk about my … last part I can't wait to see have them and I wanted to yes give him like he's got a XX o'clock thanks talk to you later bye out now and I don't wanna loose thanks manika this is jack just doing it with you all right if you are still doing it you all right if you have a minute thoughts on that there is a man everything all right there now I went up I spoke this the [click to continue...]
Hey fuckface its Frank Rizzo. Listen Jerky you gotta pick your fuckin' phone up. I'm on Facebook and I see you just checked in at Tasty Delight usin' 4 Square. Haha. You wearin' a fuckin' skirt gettin' that strawberry yogurt you fagot? Fuckin' candy pants 4 Square shit. All these god damned check-ins are fuckin' with my feed. Do you really think I give a shit about your fuckin' strawberry yogurt? Jesus its the gayest shit I ever heard. You better stop this or I'm gonna break your fuckin' neck. Call me back Knucklehead!
(NOYB): My man Needs to Remember his Prophylactics Next...
Hey pharmacy was outta plan b. Can I borrow 400 bucks? Please?…call me.
Si parla del gioco più atteso del 2012, in uscita a marzo su PS3, Xbox 360 e PC. Il capolavoro di Bioware è stato capace di riscrivere una buona parte di standard videoludici e si prepara a ripetersi in Mass Effect 3. Con la partecipazione di: Riddick, Jenbrother, BlackSilver e Syndar. A videogames podcast, OnGame!
Phyllus? This is Anna please call me as soon as you get this we are having a major crisis. The bridesmaid dresses just came and all the dresses are supposed to be blush pink. And they're… pedal pink… I mean its like, its like, practically… coral. Ugh, oh what am I gonna do I can't have my wedding like that, call me, I'm just, I'm gonna die…[sobbing]
Forgot to ask you when you left, ehh, do you want the Gyro, or the vegetarian meal. Because I realize after you left that I left with you the falafal, and I know that you're trying to lay off the carbs. Other problem I have is, 2 nights from now, when I am supposed to meet with you and your mother, we have a Yankees game. I am obsessed with New York Yankees. Not sure I can make it. So speak with your mother, both about the vegetarian meal, and the falafal, and of course about the New York Yankees, with whom I am currently obsessed.
Hello hello hello hello.
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