Yeah Mikey, its Frank. I took care of business with that prick, its done. Now I need you to meet me tonight behind the old pool hall, we gotta clean things up. So I'll see ya there, tonight.
"Dave" calls "Vicky" to break off a relationship he's having with her while his wife goes through chemotherapy.
There where it's been required and for an actual XXX call me all right there you know that your room hello my house … live in be that high level lounge nobody ever come over my house hello maybe wanna put out since nexus something then that the be nothing fancy you can even just open up a box of sleep and go with them in about multi grains always giving … you don't have to close it being ring down with the bid so that made hey b. perhaps you could put on the video late and sneak it and to make the so looks like that's all that may and bring.
(201): My Boy Gets Solicited for Sex...again. And does...
Uh-huh, she begged me for sex, again! I felt like I was telling a homeless person I didn't have any change, uh-huh!
Y-y-y-yes doctor, its awful. I can't believe the awful things my mother would say to me. And then on top of it to beat me around the house like that. She nearly put me into a coma state. God help us.
Hi Mark here I'm on the right or a I got Hung up right and … here right you're probably talk to you about we're a bad day or so … Blow about got a rent right for dial Ran a red Light it's … for a lady that … in palo doctor look around right in probably out about all that other guys get out of the Car got … got a XX that's XX out bye so is I have pair like like like their phone … hello going over there with the ralph … with hi … thanks brian with frank today on my cell bye sorry I missed you you know if you want to bring him hi I'm house and I have X more time … if I don't answer so let's talk about my … last part I can't wait to see have them and I wanted to yes give him like he's got a XX o'clock thanks talk to you later bye out now and I don't wanna loose thanks manika this is jack just doing it with you all right if you are still doing it you all right if you have a minute thoughts on that there is a man everything all right there now I went up I spoke this the [click to continue...]
(NOYB): My man Needs to Remember his Prophylactics Next...
Hey pharmacy was outta plan b. Can I borrow 400 bucks? Please?…call me.
Hey got your voice message about snowmobilin' tonight. You betcha. Let's do it. Let's get pissed, go out and rev it up a bit eh? Give me a call back when you get a second okay. Bye.
Hey Buddy what's up it's about 6 o'clock hope you have a chance.
Okay dude so like what's up with your friend Jenny that I met the other night? She's like calling me and texting me and emailing me like she's in love with me or some shit. So would you please tell her that I like, ya know, don't munch on the muff, don't do the tuna tacos, don't clown with the clam? Please…Thank you. Okay, bye bye.
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