Rudolph 'Rudi' Garmisch: Yah, Chinese Downhill! It is ze only vayyyyy. Kendo Yamamoto: What eh ze fuck is a Chinese a downhill?
Hey to answer your question I, I put on sunscreen even when its snowin'. OK? You know me I'm pale as a ghost. And I like to keep it that way. So to answer your question I put on sunscreen even if it is pitch dark outside, literally. Because, I'll be damned if I am gonna be coming down with some skin cancer. So….I hope that helps you out. I got some spf 80 here. I got some spf 90. I got some spf 1000. Seriously, I'm just tryin' to get you to my house so we can make out. Just come on over. I got the spf whatever. And uh, we'll go hang out in the sun. Or not. It doesn't matter just, come over.
Si parla del gioco più atteso del 2012, in uscita a marzo su PS3, Xbox 360 e PC. Il capolavoro di Bioware è stato capace di riscrivere una buona parte di standard videoludici e si prepara a ripetersi in Mass Effect 3. Con la partecipazione di: Riddick, Jenbrother, BlackSilver e Syndar. A videogames podcast, OnGame!
Tommy…where the hell'd you go last night bro? Bily won ten thousand dollars in black jack and bought us all lapdances. You gotta be smarter than that next time and stick with the boys!
…you got me fucked up D, I don't give a fuck that you a mothafuckin' flip hoe! Its yo' mothafuckin' fault you a flip bitch! Ain't nobody tell you to go and fuck somebody else's nigga you a hoe ass bitch. And the only reason why I am callin' yo' hoe ass, is cause yo' hoe ass got the fuckin' nigga's number. You got Angel's fuckin' nigga number. You a hoe ass bitch. You just proved yourself a mothafuckin' self a hoe just hangin' up. You ol' funky ass bitch. You better hope I don't catch yo' ass on the street neither bitch! And I want you to send somebody to where I'm at too bitch. I'm gonna beat you, and yo' mothafuckin' homegirls ass and anybody else you bring too bitch!…Now what you ol' stupid ass hoe yeah I called you a flip bitch! You a flip bitch, I'm a turn, I'm a turn all 818s on your ass to flip yo' hoe ass bitch. Fuck, you got me fucked up, no bitch don't fuck me nigga, fuck you hoe! Fuck you bitch with a mothafuckin' long dick down your throat hoe. Tramp ass bitch I'm gonna [click to continue...]
Anti-Consumerist T-Shirt.ogg
Forgot to ask you when you left, ehh, do you want the Gyro, or the vegetarian meal. Because I realize after you left that I left with you the falafal, and I know that you're trying to lay off the carbs. Other problem I have is, 2 nights from now, when I am supposed to meet with you and your mother, we have a Yankees game. I am obsessed with New York Yankees. Not sure I can make it. So speak with your mother, both about the vegetarian meal, and the falafal, and of course about the New York Yankees, with whom I am currently obsessed.
Y-y-y-yes doctor, its awful. I can't believe the awful things my mother would say to me. And then on top of it to beat me around the house like that. She nearly put me into a coma state. God help us.
OK, you need to change your voicemail so at least its your voice so I feel like I'm at least having a conversation with you. Cause this, "the voicemail subscriber you have reached is unavailable" is bullshit bitch. Fuckin', you better fix that, you hear me girl? Bye!
Listen here you little shithead. I hear how you treat your mom. I had a good talk with Grandpa and so did Grandpa, he had a good talk with your mom. You better watch what you're saying, just because you;re hanging out with your fucking Dad. If anybody is the fuckin' bitch around here, if anybody should get the fuck outta there, its your Dad. And you? You better straighten up CJ. Who are you to talk to me? You wait till I tell Aunt Jenny, Uncle Chris, and everybody how you're treating your Mom. You better cut your shit out cause you're gonna end up on the street. You better respect your Mom. I don't care who you think you are. Your Mom is your Mom. And you better not be dis-be-respecting her. And you better find out when the hell Jacob is back. Cause Grandpa's the one that called that needed to find out when Jacob is back. And if you're gonna keep talking to your Mom like that you better wait for me, because I'll get there faster than you think. Watch me! You better not be talkin' to [click to continue...]
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