…you got me fucked up D, I don't give a fuck that you a mothafuckin' flip hoe! Its yo' mothafuckin' fault you a flip bitch! Ain't nobody tell you to go and fuck somebody else's nigga you a hoe ass bitch. And the only reason why I am callin' yo' hoe ass, is cause yo' hoe ass got the fuckin' nigga's number. You got Angel's fuckin' nigga number. You a hoe ass bitch. You just proved yourself a mothafuckin' self a hoe just hangin' up. You ol' funky ass bitch. You better hope I don't catch yo' ass on the street neither bitch! And I want you to send somebody to where I'm at too bitch. I'm gonna beat you, and yo' mothafuckin' homegirls ass and anybody else you bring too bitch!…Now what you ol' stupid ass hoe yeah I called you a flip bitch! You a flip bitch, I'm a turn, I'm a turn all 818s on your ass to flip yo' hoe ass bitch. Fuck, you got me fucked up, no bitch don't fuck me nigga, fuck you hoe! Fuck you bitch with a mothafuckin' long dick down your throat hoe. Tramp ass bitch I'm gonna [click to continue...]
Hey fuckface its Frank Rizzo. Listen Jerky you gotta pick your fuckin' phone up. I'm on Facebook and I see you just checked in at Tasty Delight usin' 4 Square. Haha. You wearin' a fuckin' skirt gettin' that strawberry yogurt you fagot? Fuckin' candy pants 4 Square shit. All these god damned check-ins are fuckin' with my feed. Do you really think I give a shit about your fuckin' strawberry yogurt? Jesus its the gayest shit I ever heard. You better stop this or I'm gonna break your fuckin' neck. Call me back Knucklehead!
OK, you need to change your voicemail so at least its your voice so I feel like I'm at least having a conversation with you. Cause this, "the voicemail subscriber you have reached is unavailable" is bullshit bitch. Fuckin', you better fix that, you hear me girl? Bye!
(NOYB): Dude Loves Bologna and World Cup but Hates Ties...
Hey Man, so ummmmm, what me and Rob figured out, is that, for one thing if you pop bologna sans mayonnaise it is incredible. About the rap thing, just because like the world cup is happening right now let's just do a little thing about the world cup. And like, how Americans get all like their panties in a wad about ties. And just like get a whole thing like, yo I dont know why, other countries think its cool to tie…and by the way…ties are… you know, I don't know. I, is, I don't have much after that. But just like keep going with that ties theme. What's up with ties man? Like, I'm an American I don't dig ties. Like, we need some kind of a winner and a loser and…so tell me if you can dig that. And…bring some bologna man. Talk to you later.
Hey numbnuts, its Frank Rizzo. You better pick up the phone Jerky. I'm on Facebook, and I see that one of you wise ass punks posted pictures of my fat ass mother gettin' in and out of the fuckin' bathtub. Now when I found out who the hell did this I'm gonna ring somebodies fuckin' neck. All these damn check-ins are fuckin' with my Facebook feed. You understand me Charlie? So knock it off you stupid sons-a-bitches. Call me back knucklehead!
Hello hello hello hello.
You have XXXXX new messages … yeah I was just wondering … some winners favorable … haven't seen this pipe and a couple of days wondering if you gonna come back yes … sorry to leave you so many messages just loan I am thinking about the bus now … papal blue wishing I'd come by and bring in some good news when I … yes a piss me off you will pay this … bitch call me.
Eccoci giunti alla 5a puntata del podcast. In questa puntata, tratteremo in diretta uno degli annunci più caldi dell'anno, Resident Evil 6, che ci viene "svelato" durante la registrazione. Considerazioni a caldo sul trailer appena rilasciato con Riddick, Jenbrother e Syndar.
I have read recently. I need to my I'm wondering if you move and she'll she'll month, apartments. Just thought I hope I didn't get enough of the 8th. What and would call me back and let me know where I'm at okay alright. Again, this is Nancy Reagan, I'm trying to fill. I'll try the sign and you okay okay. Talk to you later.
Okay dude so like what's up with your friend Jenny that I met the other night? She's like calling me and texting me and emailing me like she's in love with me or some shit. So would you please tell her that I like, ya know, don't munch on the muff, don't do the tuna tacos, don't clown with the clam? Please…Thank you. Okay, bye bye.
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