Listen closely. Say it with me. "Fresh. Yellow. Peeps." It is that time of year, where you can walk into any Wal Mart, and for .96 cents — purchase a fresh box of yellow peeps. For your eating pleasure. I myself have a box here of freshly opened, riding home from WalMart, eating my yellow peeps. Not the white ones. Not the purple ones. Not a green one. YELLOW. PEEPS. I love em. Gimme call bye.
"Dave" calls "Vicky" to break off a relationship he's having with her while his wife goes through chemotherapy.
09-22 Hickox Balk Hawk.mp3
Okay dude so like what's up with your friend Jenny that I met the other night? She's like calling me and texting me and emailing me like she's in love with me or some shit. So would you please tell her that I like, ya know, don't munch on the muff, don't do the tuna tacos, don't clown with the clam? Please…Thank you. Okay, bye bye.
Y-y-y-yes doctor, its awful. I can't believe the awful things my mother would say to me. And then on top of it to beat me around the house like that. She nearly put me into a coma state. God help us.
There where it's been required and for an actual XXX call me all right there you know that your room hello my house … live in be that high level lounge nobody ever come over my house hello maybe wanna put out since nexus something then that the be nothing fancy you can even just open up a box of sleep and go with them in about multi grains always giving … you don't have to close it being ring down with the bid so that made hey b. perhaps you could put on the video late and sneak it and to make the so looks like that's all that may and bring.
OK, you need to change your voicemail so at least its your voice so I feel like I'm at least having a conversation with you. Cause this, "the voicemail subscriber you have reached is unavailable" is bullshit bitch. Fuckin', you better fix that, you hear me girl? Bye!
You are a motherfucker um, and I am gonna kill you, and not attend your funeral, because…you suck.
I need you to stop by the pharmaceutical store, and get my hemorrhoid cream for me on the way home. And don't forget my glasses this time ya bastard!
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