Oh hello me. You’re not able to get this call. Yeah look this is Walker. This is Walker. This is Wren. I need to Wren to get a hold of Lee, get a hold of Wayne, and all the children. Now this Sabrina has called her Uncle to come pick her up from the house here. Did she call ya’ll? She called ya’ll is that right? She called Big E, and Salem. They down here in Houston. To come down here to pick her up. I don’t know where I could meet, I didn’t know anything about it. Now they askeded me a long long time ago. Could she come. I said yeah. And now I wish you’d see her room back there. Now my room is clean. You saw, you saw how my room is clean. Alright I’m a big man I clean my room up. Now she got here and she got straight now and I don’t think, he go.. now…she is old enough to clean up her own room. And comb her hair. Now she can do that and I’m a big man I have a marriage and different things coming here. Now they come here form Houston to spend some you know gas and [click to continue...]
Hey to answer your question I, I put on sunscreen even when its snowin'. OK? You know me I'm pale as a ghost. And I like to keep it that way. So to answer your question I put on sunscreen even if it is pitch dark outside, literally. Because, I'll be damned if I am gonna be coming down with some skin cancer. So….I hope that helps you out. I got some spf 80 here. I got some spf 90. I got some spf 1000. Seriously, I'm just tryin' to get you to my house so we can make out. Just come on over. I got the spf whatever. And uh, we'll go hang out in the sun. Or not. It doesn't matter just, come over.
Hello this is Philip Kaplan and…I like my wikipedia page and it shows…I'd rather be masturbating.
Hey Buddy what's up it's about 6 o'clock hope you have a chance.
Ohhh, oh my God I wanna douse you in lamp oil and beat you with a fucking stick!
OK, you need to change your voicemail so at least its your voice so I feel like I'm at least having a conversation with you. Cause this, "the voicemail subscriber you have reached is unavailable" is bullshit bitch. Fuckin', you better fix that, you hear me girl? Bye!
Y-y-y-yes doctor, its awful. I can't believe the awful things my mother would say to me. And then on top of it to beat me around the house like that. She nearly put me into a coma state. God help us.
Hey yo this Harold and I need to know when you gonna come get these boxes…because the longer these boxes sit here… I think… I'm not sure because I'm just working for the U. P. S. But ummm, I think there's a ferret in there. And I, I only say ferret as opposed to a dog or a cat, because I had a ferret once and the kinda noise this mothafucka makin' from these boxes…I'm pretty god damn sure its a ferret. And I, I don't, I don't really cuss unless I'm serious about somethin'. So I think it's a fuckin' ferret. So… I mean y'all can deal with it the way y'all want. But if you don't come get these boxes…this little dude gonna starve…Out!
Phyllus? This is Anna please call me as soon as you get this we are having a major crisis. The bridesmaid dresses just came and all the dresses are supposed to be blush pink. And they're… pedal pink… I mean its like, its like, practically… coral. Ugh, oh what am I gonna do I can't have my wedding like that, call me, I'm just, I'm gonna die…[sobbing]
Hey got your voice message about snowmobilin' tonight. You betcha. Let's do it. Let's get pissed, go out and rev it up a bit eh? Give me a call back when you get a second okay. Bye.
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