Voice mail from accidental "pocket dial" of a domestic dispute in Chicago.
Omar Thornton sounds chillingly calm while chatting with a Connecticut State Trooper after killing 8 people at his former employers yesterday morning. Thornton explains his position briefly in that he had enough of the racist behavior of several employees and took matters into his own hands. Though a wholehearted effort is put in by the State Trooper, he is unable to talk Thornton down, and the death toll of the incident rises to nine as Thornton decides to take his own life before police storm the building.
Frantic 911 call from the Betty Ford Clinic in which "Chemical Dependency Technician", Dawn Holland fought with Lindsay Lohan on December 12, 2010.
My name thanks hello I'm calling on 1 I'll get them out … I have I have an internet on my house can you look to your address hi I'm sorry I you just walk right into my house but he I don't think he's had kinda Hurt us and you just now somehow I know my husband to come outside he John Hughes I don't know if you must be something he's he's stuff we have it game infront of something my date is here my husband's outside with Him I'm very scared please send a copy here now I'm hearing the Guy shouting I'm hearing my husband saying to calm down I don't know how are you … if you walk right into our house you Matthew my name is maybe do many luncheon that I'm not with the fire department it's absolutely looney hey it's definitely wasted I came in I'm listening to my husband fine there's no lending attack right now but he's okay I'm look can see them he Said something about he probably lived here all right please leave me office rock Louis hi Keith Tommy … take care of that this does not [click to continue...]
XX year old completely out of control and I can't exactly if she could take time I can't control that okay see if you wanted to come over to shooter are you there it's just me thought that the Job … I got time line to go I'm gonna file a formal complaint … sorry I apologize well I guess I need to talk to hold on.
Hi someone from dearborn michigan is … raged over XXXX call he wants to know why no charges has been filed against the police officer with miss com any marijuana from suspects and then baking it in brownie was at live for fall and hi they thought they'd over to … spend called XXX so I think it was open my water also all right there 1 … so I don't know if they have put something the complete some work to do I have no … good I think we're done yes I have … I don't know we moved around and I think with the time is going by really really really really slow.
All right so the house for a part I have hey Paul this is Cynthia plastic please give me a quick email bye now what Dad over all of from house what phone number please thanks bye which is the correct account number I don't know what number you could you please call me back bye selling the house all right know would it don't worry about that 1 … Sam … what problem what happened please give me a ring why you can all right I hope that help right well we're talking are you with them so Nine mobile to see Lee please give me call when you can you forward to your old man and is here wait or not a way you can give me if you you can please be aware or not awake please can reach me if not breathing is Jack operating at all well I have Set up I hope all we're on the way while we're talking did you've been you man help me out here and I really really hey I need to stick around that's it call me when you can I need to hear it stop talking and start this thing so I can do to help me early soon [click to continue...]
Are protected provisions divers say yes sir I need to either … I need an F. you once as soon as possible so to Los angeles california XXXXX take care carol with drive yes okay phone number you're calling from mister Off off at that … so I have them we have a … go into that needs help and he's not breathing here you have reading and we need to work with try to pump him but he's not you want okay okay out if these … XX years old so XX okay and I'll talk to you soon operating yes he's operating sir okay and it's not conscience either I don't me I talked to serve okay all right if you have XX on the floor where you have right now Don don't know that or he's on the give on the floor okay okay just getting up well I hope to see if you are right now okay we need them getting you just run away there or not well but the 1 I can help you over the phone or on your way this bye see you know yes that we have a personal doctor if you're with him sir … Had had talked to there but he's not [click to continue...]
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