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Hey, so my cat thinks you're really sexy. And that if you had a theme song, it would go like this…it would go…Meow chicka-meow-meow, meow-chicka-meow-meow…cuz you're sexy…hehe….meooowwwww.
8182 Record 11-Feb-25 04-54-49.flv
Hey its me, listen I can't understand what this is? I don't know am I puttin' this on right? I don't know I'm following the instructions you put in, in the paper when you sent it…but I don't understand I don't think I have all these little pleasures all together there. I don't know there's somethin' around my…wait hold on let me reach back here. Uh, I don't know am I supposed to look like cat woman or am like…you know without, without the parts…you know, the, the cover for the boobs and the, and the crotch parts. I don't know am I…I'm just not puttin' this on right. Alright gimme a call cause I appreciate you sendin' me this, you know help my marriage and all, but I, darlin' I don't, I don't think I'm puttin' this on right. So, so c'mon, gimme a call. My, my man will be home in about an hour and a half. So you better call me back…alright…or I'll just keep tryin'… alright bye!
First saved message….hey baby. So, I'm fucking myself and I'm thinking about your big cock inside of me and it's making me so wet and I'm thinking about you. Please come over. I just wanna rip off those tight jeans and suck your cock. I get so emotional when I have sex I just want to show my fingers. Shove your massive cock in my vagina. Let's have a kid. Let's just go out and have a baby daughter and we'll name her Alyssa. To erase this message, press seven.
Talking Dirty — JJ.mp3
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