Hi Ryan, My name is Chad, I'm calling from Well. I'm calling from the have. He's almost giving you my company and I'm not working today. So anyway, I was calling about the camera growing cameras suitcase in back fact that you had for sale for $25 in Studio City. My cellphone number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX. That's (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Thanks a lot, bye.
Hello, Hi. My name is Patrick and I am actually calling in regards to the camera and that you had on sale for on craigslist. I'm actually I went in Studio City. So I would be easier for me to pick up. After work anyways, i'll have it please give me a call my cellphone number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX Thank you so much bye.
Hey what's up. Ummmm, Listen… I know the other day, we didn't have any kind of signed contract or anything but uhhh…Yo you owe me the money for that work. The uhh, the movin' the furniture. And umm, look man, I, I'm not gonna lie, we were smokin' a blunt, we was definitely smokin' a blunt. It wasn't a cigarette it was a blunt. Ummm, but that doesn't mean that our work was any less effective. So uhhh, 75 dollars… for 4 hours, that was the deal. We did the work, we moved the furniture, and uh, you gotta give me the money man, you gotta give me the money.
Your business card is CRAP.mp3
I have a fun story for you, man. The other night, my girlfriend and I were feeling like Bonnie and Clyde in the bedroom. Halfway through a late-night fuck session, she turns around from the doggy-style position and screams, "I want that hunk of meat in my ass." . I couldn't believe my ears, and immediatly put my Jim Brownski in her Jim Browneye. Before I knew what was happening, she had on a conductor's cap and was screaming at the top of her lungs, "NEXT STOP, BROWNTOWN!!". I kept slapping her in the face throughout it all, and at one point, I think she was holding a lit flame to my balls. This bottle rocket sound kept going off with each thrust into her dip-hole, and at one point, tears ran down her face and smeared all the makeup I had thrown at her earlier. I railed her butt out until it looked like lasagna, and then let go inside her butt until her asshole resembled a sundae.
Brent, um this is Jaquelyn. First of all I resent the fact that you had the nerve to call and um, you already spoke to me, but you had the nerve to call RC, when I’d already told you I was taking care of it, and I had given the mo-, the money to um, to what’s his face to give to you. I have no control that Windsor doesn’t pay cause its RC that pays. So I don’t know what the amounts are. You should have called me with them or whatever. When I got that amount together I put it in an envelope. You weren’t there. The kids didn’t go. And I gave it to David. David looked for your yesterday. He looked for you, I think he’s still looking for you now. But you had no right. You already called me. And yelled at me and all that. But you had no right to call RC, and um, and, like ya know, that was really really stupid. Um, you’re not supposed to call RC and complain about that I didn’t pay you that’s bullshit. Your money was already given to David. And um if you hadn’t [click to continue...]
Miles from Farmers Insurance responding to your email. Please call me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Thank you very much, bye.
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