Hi Ryan, This is Tamara calling. I emailed you last night. In regards to the fluidity bar. When you get this message, if you could give me a call back. I would actually I'd like to get it today, if that's still possible. My phone number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Thanks so much bye bye.
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Hey, you know how we been talkin' about gettin' a car? Umm, I got my bonus and my tax return at the same time. I got 20 grand. I actually got a little more than 20 grand. Like 25 grand. But 20 grand I can spend on a car. Ummmm. Hey, listen. Let's, go to the one of those auctions, one of the car auctions, where they like, repossess cars from drug dealers and shit. Let's get like 10 cars! You know? Hey tell me, do you wanna get a car? I'll get you a car! I got 20 grand. We'll go to one of those car auctions. Hey! OK. So gimme a call. And hey, we'll go get a car, we'll go get a few ca-, we'll go get 10 cars. Auction!
Hey man, Hello. So I had a rough one. I was wondering if you know we could just talk about what happened last night is not really typical of me. You have already about 3 cups of coffee to at first try at Waco, but if you want to get one more, just, you know tomorrow. I will give a call from talk about what happened last night because I'm not entirely sure. Alright, so you know number.
Hey Ryan, it's Keith, Please call me back. Give me a call if you want, I'll be at the same number. Take care. Talk to you soon.
Yo you're all of that old logo in the please.
Hey Ryan. Paul from First Mark Capital in New York just dialing in here at at 3 Pacific 6 Eastern just trying to catch up if you get this I'll be around for a while I'm at XXX-XXX-XXXX that's XXX-XXX-XXX. Thanks a lot. Bye bye.
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