Hey like any kind of A. I hope that honestly the packs, a company center and I team at. I wish day. Deacon getting to see if you if you have a is gonna be speaking call me.
Hey Pat, Just give me a minute. Bye kind of just check in a tent keep the car just to get in touch with you. I was hoping you back bye bye bye. Yeah, yeah, but I think you have a good day.
Hi Nigel look. Bye got you know proposal oozes bye bye. It's absurd, it's ridiculous is, so I can precision white boy rack thing that you trying to do it. It it look if you get a for the spend money. Matt, you go by come up with something that done have time to spend money on these rubbish approach us. This specially because the buzz presently got a cocaine problem and. But have a problem admitting it, and if I'm gonna spend my money. It's gonna be money well spent. So it doesn't give me A is pretty sure white boy rap project crap okay. You gonna come in it that you debt have the truck so, and you know even collards. So, what the. Are you telling me that you gonna come up with this alright. Come on. Bye. You know you better than that. Gimme a call.
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You are fucking asshole. Mother fucker. Prostitute. You suck so many dick. Mother fucker. Prostitute. Cock sucker. You are prostitute just like your mother. You're a fucking asshole. Cock sucker. Mother fucker. Prostitute. Mother fucker.
If you could just pick up.
Hey Nick how are back there's a man look like me no thanks bye bye yeah Judy use old my body I don't know … like this mellon adventure you are man it smells like you can bake your gourmet take in the dream if you need to phone and for walking down into the Best night of your Nine so late so dramatic smile like an old Spice man tell me Gage g..
Yes, hello I was calling in regard to an entry form that you filled out with us at a Chicago Cubs game that you attended May 16th uh, when they were playing the pirates. I have really good news for you regarding your entry blank call me back today at 1(XXX) XXX-XXXX and my name is Debbie ask for Debbie at extension (XXX), and I'll tell you all about this when you call today. I am in the office and it is really good news. Ask for Deb.
I am sitting here with pomade in my hair…and it is all because I didn't pay attention in college.
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