Hi, My name is Daniel. I've been trying to call you a couple of times now, so I'm just going to go ahead. Leave a message. I work for Longwood, Inc. And the number here is (XXX) XXX-XXXX. The reason I'm calling is because I see her an online and I wanted to let you know that we can't get it sold for you. We contact people like you selling vehicles that are buyers are interested in vehicles like yours that may not have success with traditional online classified and we charge a small fee to put your ad in front of people that will buy your vehicle for a price you're happy with and for this particular vehicle we can back that with a guarantee so if you haven't sold it yet. Give me a call. I'm with Longwood Inc at (XXX) XXX-XXXX. And again, my name is Daniel. Have a good day.
Have any payment detail of this. Thanks to go to speak. Yeah sleep. I am so it's a couple of weeks back, have a tight, how many times but if you could expect to get the title of that. Okay staff weeks the back it.
Listen remember understand. So if you push a button draft version but peace. I don't know what button works and up. Olivia I'm gonna drop in consumer specialists answers number booking number is 7 wait there and I do. Hello, Alright, lets try in it. So I guess. 7. Both, I just got a little face or well the new nothing there and Mr help. Bye. Hello shares polish up to 6 men in touch and love to see you. Hello Sir, Yeah, who is this. Who is this hello hello, well shut it off the phone. Man, Hello and then why don't you answer some of the 8. Thanks. Yeah one. Hello Portland and then mother justices that you got damn pro. Beauregard and suffering.
Hello, this is Veeyurika(?), what we're doing in regard to the holidays coming up is to encourage your neighbors to look up on the wonderful purpose layed out by God for us in Revelations 1,21,3 and 4 where it said he will wipe out every tear from their eye, death would be no more neither will mourning or outcrying nor pain be anymore for the forward things have passed away. You are cordially invited to a weekly program of Bible discussions or free bible studies. No collections or fees are ever taken. Our meeting times are Tuesday 7:30pm, Sunday 4pm. Our address is 28100 John R. Madison Heights, Michigan 48071. Otherwise, somebody will call you back to find out a feedback regard to Revelation 21, 3 and 4. What a wonderful purpose God layed for us. What do you think about it? Have a nice day. Bye bye.
Okay, so I have a question for you. You know I've been emailing, just god trying to set up a date and he never have like a half the backyard any said okay, well maybe starting out. I'll bring up my phone inside now. If you have like some kind of like 6 long. I never wrote, I'll be taking means he's gonna bring up the like a slip inside that like it was and the backyard and which one is we're over. Okay, let me know. I'll talk to you later.
Hi Ryan, This is Jill your ADP rep, I was just trying to touch base with you regarding your payroll and uh the delivery. I created a case on Tuesday and I just want to follow up with you and make sure that that it was delivered. I did a little research and it sounded like it was UPS something with U. P. S. I was in an ADP error, but I you know, you know. Nonetheless, I want to make sure that everything was smoothed out. So please give me a call. Let me know that everything is all good so I will know. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks. Bye bye.
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