NANJING, CHINA — 13 people died in the powerful explosion on July 28, 2010 at a plastics factory in Nanjing, China. 46 people were injured, with two in critical condition. The explosion took place on a discontinued site of Nanjing Fourth Plastics Factory, which was to be demolished and redeveloped. This telephone call is an interrogation of a journalist who originally reported that hundreds of people were killed when in fact the death toll was much smaller than that.
Hey Ryan, This is Robert. Yeah, I think just trying to leave a message on my phone drop this is signal dropped regarding the bricks 1,400 bricks I can take those off your hand and just call me. I'm in northridge, i just you again. Just convenient, I could just come and pick them up. I got the full size.
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Hey Mom Hey, you know you called earlier and you had some questions about what to do it up to. Yes, I did apply at the warehouse and they don't have a job for me, so I think we could, but that one's bad. Yeah I applied to the dentist office and I think you know how that went by. Hey, I also plan a hair dresser hey wait to hear back from them. So yes right now. What used out class and like to just talk time draw. I want to talk to you. Hey, Okay, call me back.
Well why it down there. Well what you know, I know I was out of bring us out of my trailer smells like 8 again, you tell that has the your. If he comes. I'm dry cat season without a moderate one more time, i'm gonna come out there and got anything else, so he won't have anything to paid through alright. You tell him the ass. —Enterprise performance management-.mp3
V20100323 VOICE080.mp3
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