Yeah, Hi this is Amar from Keyes Toyota, just spoke to Mr will give me a call my cellphone number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX (XXX) XXX-XXXX at the information that you what's going. Thank you.
Hey Ryan, This is Yuri you call me and I'm trying to reach you back so if you want to get into the apartment just press, you know call the bell and we are here.
Hey like any kind of A. I hope that honestly the packs, a company center and I team at. I wish day. Deacon getting to see if you if you have a is gonna be speaking call me.
Hey there, this is Nell from L. A. Fitness calling to follow up after tour the facility the other day. I hope you sat. Everything interesting and satisfactory and I just wanted to, you know. Catch up with you and see if you're interested in joining us over here. I think we could really do something with that's. Give me a little Kovac, but a, As you know get you some booty you could use some booty girl you know what I mean we can do it. Give me a call (XXX) XXX-XXXX, yeah.
Hey wassup this is Idris from typology central dot com. Wassup yeah this is me. Oh yeah I go by DeJaVu not Idris. Anyway this is me.
Nine my with the address of the emergency at XXX what the phone number here calling from let's problem that I wanna have a break out last night club clock they're gonna down but I got he's freaking out again kevin head on the wall knocked back over you know just been crazy man maybe 2 if I don't yeah he final so but I don't know the promise should be have anyway and now it should have been drinking now been doing you change out now if you think that both you know I hey babe it's me I don't know I know I just had a couple of times and had on the time okay not there over maybe cleaning you're having catch on anything get 1 from a while ago when you cell but you have made to something because his back and clarify before you got on the last night for no reason not gone all day know came back at like XX and you know the cop told them flat out but you know you have a 1 out figure you know not going to core and you know hey this gregg good morning I just changed it yesterday that you had [click to continue...]
Hello, Hey just wanted to call me bye.
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