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Yes, hello I was calling in regard to an entry form that you filled out with us at a Chicago Cubs game that you attended May 16th uh, when they were playing the pirates. I have really good news for you regarding your entry blank call me back today at 1(XXX) XXX-XXXX and my name is Debbie ask for Debbie at extension (XXX), and I'll tell you all about this when you call today. I am in the office and it is really good news. Ask for Deb.
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They wrote it. I just want to say I was watching this weird like Belgium moving on netflix man. Okay, so either key, he should not cool. Kiki lakes and I'm breaking key. Yeah, I mean everything to. Yeah, that's friends are. Where. Where ever done. I was in P for from.
Tim Scapillato and Ron Hackett discuss Boston Marathon 2011 — CBC interview
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Hey its back. You bitch. You fuckin' nigga. Fuckin' pussy nigga. Fucking asshole nigga. Stupid nigga. Mothe —uhhhh, Fucking-a stupid nigga. You commy bitch. OK? Bye you stupid.
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