Hi there, Yeah, my name is Fred, I was calling to see if you still have those Brick's available. Give me a call which please 818, number at 390-1669 and I'm interested in Mobile Hey, not here. And anyways, gimme a call. Thank you.
Hey Noah, it's Dad, It's my 445 on Sunday and I was actually writing up the calendar. I left you a call and I just like I'd be wise to take my phone number my pocket. Because I dropped and I don't know if if I would ever be able to retrieve it. But anyways, it's always better than later. The weather was perfect system. It was pretty darn good. So, consider ahead pretty good lesson. I think. Or and waiting for bay to pick me up and we're heading back the time tomorrow. I'm not sure exactly when he made trying to see in the mornings. Talk to you soon. Hope everything's well. If of. This is Jeff.
Yes, Hi Ryan, I was calling about your home theater system. If you could please give me a call back if it's available (XXX) XXX-XXXX and my name is, felisha. Thanks. Bye.
Hey, I just want to you. It's very important that you call me. I have a very bad magazine about the wedding last night, Japan automatic days. John that you cannot, and I am. I have a dream. All you have baby foot faces like dogs like the dogs like that but he doesn't like that that I don't from that stuff so I want to meet with that. The Julie Julia, That I've, that's one that your baby is will Greg dot D O cannot messages boy you'll call me okay goodbye.
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Hey Nick how are back there's a man look like me no thanks bye bye yeah Judy use old my body I don't know … like this mellon adventure you are man it smells like you can bake your gourmet take in the dream if you need to phone and for walking down into the Best night of your Nine so late so dramatic smile like an old Spice man tell me Gage g..
Yeah, Hi this is Amar from Keyes Toyota, just spoke to Mr will give me a call my cellphone number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX (XXX) XXX-XXXX at the information that you what's going. Thank you.
Hi Dan, My name is, you know. That's all you have added to the T. V and you know like teaches. Oh 30. Just some kids. I'm just know more about this. Could you please give me a call at (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Thanks.
No it's Dad … XXX saturday returning your … call I did in your in your give me a call when you get a chance … what's up and I hope things are going well hey john.
The test for know it as your conversion for sale.
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