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Hey Ryan, it's Keith, Please call me back. Give me a call if you want, I'll be at the same number. Take care. Talk to you soon.
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I don't think you can be that busy not to return my phone call.
Dude what the fuck. Its like…20 to noon, let's hit the gym. Get fuckin' swole, you know what I'm sayin'? Holler back.
Tom, you're killing me right now! You need to answer your phone! We're gonna be leaving in like 15 minutes. I'm..I'm contemplating driving over to your house and knocking on your door because I think… you might be asleep…So…answer, return, respond to this voicemail as soon as you can. Bye.
Hey man, what's up. Adams just want to let you know that we are going to just sort of each for them, we're walking over you key now. Check it out. I will not go to a movie. What you guys should go to the movies and enjoy. So I highly recommend "Exit Through The Gift Shop". He really awesome movie and we'll meet you in the lobby of the hotel, I guess. It's 5 pitch 5 30 and we'll see a copy of course I see you.
Clara? Clara it's mom, are you there? Alright well call me, you're probably off on another one your weekends with one of those boyfriends of yours…um anyway your Dad and I just wanted to say hi, and ummm, that's about all. Maybe you'd know that if you'd call your mother every once in a while.
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