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Hi Ryan, My name is Walter, I'm just calling regarding about your flat TV. Can you give me a call back if you if it's still available. On (XXX) XXX-XXXX (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Thank you. Bye bye.
Hey Ryan, it's Marshall, Johnny Brennan's outside and they won't let him at 316 trying to reach you and his name is not on anybody's list is not on your list he's standing outside so I hope you get this message. Bye.
Well why it down there. Well what you know, I know I was out of bring us out of my trailer smells like 8 again, you tell that has the your. If he comes. I'm dry cat season without a moderate one more time, i'm gonna come out there and got anything else, so he won't have anything to paid through alright. You tell him the ass.
Trying to give me a call if you can. What are you doing. Bye. I think you are okay. Come on, but hey, yeah.
You fucking cunt[click to continue...]
Hi Michael, listen, this is Tanya, I am. You saw your personal and you just you sound like a really going nice guy and and I. I like staying home in. Anyhow on a Saturday night to Lynn, I mean I. I had a kind of hard going out. You know it by 11. Cats. But anyway, I'd love for you to meet them, so maybe we can get together sometime, but give me a call. My number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX. I look forward to talking to you. Okay bye.
Hi, Good Evening. It's T. J. We, we should you know about week ago. I should've called you sooner, but I think I've been kinda crazy busy, so I was out now. I want to gimme a call. Anyhow, would love to chat. I will be available. Doctor, A, but would love to have you call me back or I'll call you back number is 94990383441. Again, my name is Tuesday. Talk to you soon. Bye.
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