Hey man, Hello. So I had a rough one. I was wondering if you know we could just talk about what happened last night is not really typical of me. You have already about 3 cups of coffee to at first try at Waco, but if you want to get one more, just, you know tomorrow. I will give a call from talk about what happened last night because I'm not entirely sure. Alright, so you know number.
andrea spina per crociera.WAV
Hi Ronnie, it's I. I just wanted to call and say thank you very much for the i eat it. Yeah, he's really could, and he will grant and I a week. Well, obviously it's it's, sol much fun and listen. You do screen go out there. If you could beat Chen. Yeah I got the big dirty and so we put it in the dishwasher and it's not turning on this morning and then make this thing so that she so can you call me and and tell me which store you go to that end, so I can go all and and it take care. Cos it, it doesn't work. Clean the screen. Once it and I think that's at work. Okay babe, I'll be.
Ryan, My name is Peter I sent you an email earlier about your craigslist listing 4 bricks. If you could get back to me if you we can work out. My know the number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX Thank you very much.
Hello thank you for calling what what this coming week hey I was gonna ask you what you're doing this is hey give me hi me John yeah what's up I love you hi I love you John just wanted to say John that works here I need to know listen … when you're doing … wife and I'm talking on the check the fridge hi okay yeah been doing talk push ups if David anyway Cock pushups whether was where you I can Lay down flat on the ground and then you let your Mon List you up off the ground hi it's telling me that just wanted to say hi hi man hello you know I was thinking but get on top and slow down I'm gonna start … sorry hey honey I'm sink and second simple hello yeah hey louie this need maybe need with me give me with me … give me as I was saying hello thanks have hello it's me Mary Claire.
Hey, I just want to you. It's very important that you call me. I have a very bad magazine about the wedding last night, Japan automatic days. John that you cannot, and I am. I have a dream. All you have baby foot faces like dogs like the dogs like that but he doesn't like that that I don't from that stuff so I want to meet with that. The Julie Julia, That I've, that's one that your baby is will Greg dot D O cannot messages boy you'll call me okay goodbye.
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Hey. My name is the towncar calling from Arctic Information Systems. I was trying to reach you regarding a job opportunity at this Email System Administrator. It's been a project I knew message, ohh good job location would be a chicago and then 9 and a beach and it would be a 6 month contract to a job to fit interested. Whatever that the Please contact me know on my number which is (XXX) XXX-XXXX I'm repeating. My number is 973967348. Thanks, 94 4 30 til you can check your mailbox. Want to thank you better by tomorrow night. Okay, bye bye.
Dude. I wanna know in the transcription how many use is just put in dude. So, it's Dave, gimme a call 917. A. You, 030-9601. I have a audio Microsoft question, hey.
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