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Hi Michael, listen, this is Tanya, I am. You saw your personal and you just you sound like a really going nice guy and and I. I like staying home in. Anyhow on a Saturday night to Lynn, I mean I. I had a kind of hard going out. You know it by 11. Cats. But anyway, I'd love for you to meet them, so maybe we can get together sometime, but give me a call. My number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX. I look forward to talking to you. Okay bye.
Can you just call me for 5 minutes if you're not available so I can just throw your number to the garbage.
Hello and congratulations on getting Direct T. V. You now have access to the Best channel. The most H D and cutting edge technology that will change the way you watch T. V. I'm calling from the new customer connection at Direct T. V. We'd like to welcome you to the direct T V family. The new customer connection group is an exclusive department dedicated to giving new customers extra attention as they get started. Direct T V wants to make sure you're completely happy with your service. If you have any questions, please call X(XXX) XXX-XXXX to talk to a live customer service agent otherwise continue enjoying everything you love about your new direct T V system Happy Viewing goodbye.
Hey Ryan, it's Marshall, Johnny Brennan's outside and they won't let him at 316 trying to reach you and his name is not on anybody's list is not on your list he's standing outside so I hope you get this message. Bye.
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