Hey, date. Hey, hey. Pete, give me a favor, Nick. Hello, move my car for me man HI I left the keys in your coffee table walked home last night. Just to miss all to move the car bro. I think it's dead. Like on monday and wednesday. Three, sleeping, whatever. So, I. I think today is monday please move for Bro, was no a cat path, alright, it's, Pete. It's a great coup love. With. The license plate is missing it in the front. I hope you can drive a stick. If not gig reference to it. Thanks. Bye move my car bro peace. Later.
Hi and give me a callback when you get this. It's Gabriella.
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Hi Nigel look. Bye got you know proposal oozes bye bye. It's absurd, it's ridiculous is, so I can precision white boy rack thing that you trying to do it. It it look if you get a for the spend money. Matt, you go by come up with something that done have time to spend money on these rubbish approach us. This specially because the buzz presently got a cocaine problem and. But have a problem admitting it, and if I'm gonna spend my money. It's gonna be money well spent. So it doesn't give me A is pretty sure white boy rap project crap okay. You gonna come in it that you debt have the truck so, and you know even collards. So, what the. Are you telling me that you gonna come up with this alright. Come on. Bye. You know you better than that. Gimme a call.
Hi mister. Becker, this is Bernie to call me back with U. P. S. Okay now speaking with that local sooner. They're saying that the package vehicle back. They also saying even with the driver. Having ZIP code to get a M that it's an apartment location that they still want to leave the package. I have requested for you know supervisor manager at that center to give you a call back to give you a better explanation because that's not what the message they skier in our system yesterday and said that the package the E number would be given the code will be given to the driver and the driver with deliver the package yesterday so I left that phone number (XXX) XXX-XXXX for you to receive a call back and I apologize again, mister. Becker. If you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call here at X(XXX) XXX-XXXX. Thank you.
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Where's the beef.
No it's Dad … XXX saturday returning your … call I did in your in your give me a call when you get a chance … what's up and I hope things are going well hey john.
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