Ryan, My name is Peter I sent you an email earlier about your craigslist listing 4 bricks. If you could get back to me if you we can work out. My know the number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX Thank you very much.
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Hi, My name is Rex, uh I was interested in your craigslist listing of uh bricks. If you can give me a call at area code (XXX) XXX-XXXX, once again, My name is Rex and that's (XXX) XXX-XXXX …um, give me a call when get a chance alright? bye.
Hi Ronnie, it's I. I just wanted to call and say thank you very much for the i eat it. Yeah, he's really could, and he will grant and I a week. Well, obviously it's it's, sol much fun and listen. You do screen go out there. If you could beat Chen. Yeah I got the big dirty and so we put it in the dishwasher and it's not turning on this morning and then make this thing so that she so can you call me and and tell me which store you go to that end, so I can go all and and it take care. Cos it, it doesn't work. Clean the screen. Once it and I think that's at work. Okay babe, I'll be.
Hey I was thinking yesterday about the nicknames and … I'm not really Cool being called Bro honda … just because my name is you on the Bill and that my nickname has to be Bro … and I know that we you know left the kind of impromptu unofficial meeting session whatever you wanna call it at starbucks with the understanding that I was gonna be Bro hi ass but I wanna get back to you either tomorrow night thursday night that is and and talk about it because I'm just … I'm just not Cool Rocks so I know it's and all but let's let's get back to you … our next.
Hey, there's some creepy bum trolling around the building. Um, look alive when you get home tonight. Godspeed.
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Hey, date. Hey, hey. Pete, give me a favor, Nick. Hello, move my car for me man HI I left the keys in your coffee table walked home last night. Just to miss all to move the car bro. I think it's dead. Like on monday and wednesday. Three, sleeping, whatever. So, I. I think today is monday please move for Bro, was no a cat path, alright, it's, Pete. It's a great coup love. With. The license plate is missing it in the front. I hope you can drive a stick. If not gig reference to it. Thanks. Bye move my car bro peace. Later.
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