Hey Mom Hey, you know you called earlier and you had some questions about what to do it up to. Yes, I did apply at the warehouse and they don't have a job for me, so I think we could, but that one's bad. Yeah I applied to the dentist office and I think you know how that went by. Hey, I also plan a hair dresser hey wait to hear back from them. So yes right now. What used out class and like to just talk time draw. I want to talk to you. Hey, Okay, call me back.
Hi, I'm calling about the T. V. My name is Allie. My number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Thank you.
Hey girl. This is Jennifer. Selling all the access doctor motherfuckers have stock. That's all. Riley selling it all off. Talk to you later. Give my condo ask my computer. Bye bye. We're selling all the call me.
Hey, there's some creepy bum trolling around the building. Um, look alive when you get home tonight. Godspeed.
They wrote it. I just want to say I was watching this weird like Belgium moving on netflix man. Okay, so either key, he should not cool. Kiki lakes and I'm breaking key. Yeah, I mean everything to. Yeah, that's friends are. Where. Where ever done. I was in P for from.
Transcription in progress….
Well why it down there. Well what you know, I know I was out of bring us out of my trailer smells like 8 again, you tell that has the your. If he comes. I'm dry cat season without a moderate one more time, i'm gonna come out there and got anything else, so he won't have anything to paid through alright. You tell him the ass.
Hi Bill, this is Rosie from the Road Side Cafe. You left your credit card here… and didn't leave me a tip… thanks … Um, I could be happy to return your credit card but you know I could use some new stuff … um maybe I should call your wife and tell her that your credit card's here, oh that you left here while you were with that young girl… mmhmmm… why don't we just work somethin' out, you call me here okay, thanks bye.
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