Hey Ryan, This year, and if you got my tax socal open to start working my way out there, you can give me a call (XXX) XXX-XXXX thank you bye.
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Johnson its Schwartz, listen what we need is not necessarily something that just tells the news of the day but analyzes the news of the day. Something that really… gets into the bowels, and when I say bowels I don't mean something you take a shit from, I mean like, that really talks about the innards of stuff…uhhh…social networking, sports, steroids in sports…that's what we need. Hit me back.
Well why it down there. Well what you know, I know I was out of bring us out of my trailer smells like 8 again, you tell that has the your. If he comes. I'm dry cat season without a moderate one more time, i'm gonna come out there and got anything else, so he won't have anything to paid through alright. You tell him the ass.
Hey sweetie pie. It's me, just calling to see how you doing anyway. Gimme a call back when you chance alright. Love you bye.
Hey man, what's up. Adams just want to let you know that we are going to just sort of each for them, we're walking over you key now. Check it out. I will not go to a movie. What you guys should go to the movies and enjoy. So I highly recommend "Exit Through The Gift Shop". He really awesome movie and we'll meet you in the lobby of the hotel, I guess. It's 5 pitch 5 30 and we'll see a copy of course I see you.
Now if that it's about 430. I got your message. I'm sorry I couldn't answer message time because you're home school today and the it was working so that didn't really along to and have a conversation but gimme a call now. I know you're really busy so I don't mix. Yeah, you know answer over, it's, but I'm thinking of you and hope things are well and just drop me online when you get a chance. Ciao.
Hey what's up. It's taking forever. So out. The with sound like what I sent a message to it and see if I find it useful. Okay.
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