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Yo you're all of that old logo in the please.
Okay, it's a place pick up. I need pizza. Leo early on the repeats pick up on it. Detail it would be the 9 Laurie Yahoo interviews and I don't know what I am. You need to. Okay, bye bye.
Hey it's cheaper window Wexler calling again to look at your taxes and hey you know I gotta be on the i'm gonna have to file for another expense. I doesn't really heat all the i gotta be honest, I just. I just really don't know what I'm doing. I feel pretty confident but I will figure it out. Yes, but he said if you know. I just gotta be on the but i i just hey i'm gonna have to file for another extension and I don't know really know what to do about your king out the right from the Popeye's franchise and you know I'm just an honest it took me a more times and I would like I said 60. The fastest EPA and I just, you know. I just gotta be honest, I'm not sure how long it's gonna take anything to get me back and and and what we'll chat.
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Okay, so what am I happen to like if we have sex. I'm with calling you. I want to take it you know anything. Hey, I wanted to you there. You haven't taken the anywhere and you. I mean calling me so what the like. The or so. Grow your stupid and just growth in a wire. He's got to go alright. I think that would be considerably. Thanks. If I continue with your Dad and I got home with him and then I let him live. Dessert off me. Hi like that idea by.
Hi Matthew darling this is your grandma there I'm having a big problem with my computer I can't get on the mail hi this is … Tom called and … Com cast that we're in and they Said no I can't get in to Com cast and I don't know what the Hell is going on so call back at probably can you could talk to Him if you can or call me I love you sweetheart bye.
Hello thank you for calling what what this coming week hey I was gonna ask you what you're doing this is hey give me hi me John yeah what's up I love you hi I love you John just wanted to say John that works here I need to know listen … when you're doing … wife and I'm talking on the check the fridge hi okay yeah been doing talk push ups if David anyway Cock pushups whether was where you I can Lay down flat on the ground and then you let your Mon List you up off the ground hi it's telling me that just wanted to say hi hi man hello you know I was thinking but get on top and slow down I'm gonna start … sorry hey honey I'm sink and second simple hello yeah hey louie this need maybe need with me give me with me … give me as I was saying hello thanks have hello it's me Mary Claire.
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Hey this is Jim over the hill in nervous about what just happened and I am not sure I understand why or you need to call me because I think that with Dodge Durango was actually born that works out.
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